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Easily download your data to Google Spreadshee

Exporting your data directly from Google Spreadsheet had been much of a challenge but Google invented a new download facility for exporting your data directly to a Google Spreadsheet. Webmasters can access this download option from Google’s data heavy features namely crawl errors, search queries, and links to your site.

Apart from that, Google added a new functionality for those users who enjoy digging into the data from Webmaster Tools yet they don’t want to use Python scripts or the API. Users will be presented with a “Select Download Format” option upon clicking a download button from a Webmaster Tools feature such as Search queries; such an option will enable a user to select to download the data as “CSV” or “Google Docs.”

If a user chooses “CSV”, this will commence a download of the data in CSV format that has long been available in Webmaster Tools and can be imported into other spreadsheet tools such as Excel. Users who select the new “Google Docs” option will have their data saved into a Google Spreadsheet and the newly created spreadsheet will be opened in a new browser tab.

Jonathan Simon, a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google said, “We hope the ability to easily download your data to a Google Spreadsheet helps you to get crunching on your site’s Webmaster Tools data even faster than you could before.”

To support the above sentiments by Simon, a user can make use of a web browser where they can instantly dive right into slicing and dicing their data to come up with customized charts for perceiving considerable changes and tracking longer term trends impacting their site.