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Easier management of website verifications

Managing verifications on your website can be a challenge but giant search engine, Google, through its Webmaster Tools unveiled three new features which will make life of websites owners easier. Below are the new features:

  • Verification details view: Through this feature, owners of websites are able to identify the methods employed when one is verifying their site. Within the manage owners page of their site, web owners can now find the new Verification details link. Where appropriate, the verification details will have links to the correct URL on the site where the verification can be found to assist web owner find it faster.
  • Requiring the verification method be removed from the site before unverifying an owner: Before unverifying an owner from Webmaster Tools, website owners need to remove the verification method from their site.  Google has modified its Webmaster Tools such that it is able to check the method that the owner used to verify ownership of the site, and will display an error message if the verification is still found. When an unverified was attempted while the DNS CNAME verification method was still fond on the DNS records of the domain, the error method that will be shown will read as follows “We weren’t able to verify DNS CNAME record still exists.”
  • Shorter CNAME verification string: Google’s Webmaster Tools modified the CNAME verification string to make it shorter to support a larger number of DNS providers. Some systems reduce the number of characters that can be used in DNS records, which means that some users were not able to use the CNAME verification method. As such, Google made the CNAME verification method to have a few number of characters thus existing CNAME verifications will continue to be valid.

 Any questions regarding website verifications should be posted in Google’s verification forum.