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How social media can help grow your business?

Growing a business comes with many challenges. Business people spend sleepless nights trying to let their brands known. There is only one way one can spread a word about who they are – advertising. But the question is, do you have what it takes to achieve it? Big thanks to the internet, big brains managed to design social media channels that are cost effective compared to other forms of media such as TV, radio and print. Though “cheap”, marketing through social media should be carefully approached.

Any serious business who wants to market their brands through online means know that in order to exploit the power of social media they need to integrate a deliberate mixture of listening to their audience, sharing their relevant message, enabling others to share their relevant message and what do they share, and hope that others will?

Worth noting is that there is nothing like effective social media marketing devoid of content. Any form of social media strategy is derived from a solid content marketing strategy. Properly designed content gets people to share. Sharing broadens your audience to a whole new world of potential fans, friends, and customers.

Despite being a big business or a lone entrepreneur, truth is social media marketing is the most economical and powerful marketing tool bent on building the trust and authority that exponentially helps grow your business.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach your prospects will help to have your business known. Social media helps businesses to interact with individuals in a way that’s meaningful. It is all about the quality of the community, authenticity of the content and depth of the conversations among people.

Through social media, customers are provided with information that is of real value. Research has shown that about 40 percent of people who initially sign up to follow a company’s Facebook page drift away within months and the rest stay connected.

Business should take advantage of the nature of the Internet to prop up their products like a big business. Most companies don’t spend many funds to achieve success using social media. They find ways to engage and interest the community and become a trusted source of information. As a business person, you should provide useful content via a blog and promote it using social media.

As a business person, you should put tools in place. These will help to track “mentions” and measure results. There are low-cost software programs such as TweetDeck and HootSuite which help to monitor what’s being said about your business, industry or topics of interest.