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Better backlink data for site owners

Google’s free Webmaster Tools has of late offered users with an estimated 100 000 backlinks when they click the “Download more sample links” button but the giant search engine currently selects those links mainly by lexographical order.

What does this means?

This means that users didn’t get a complete picture of some sites’ backlinks owing to the link data skewed toward the beginning of the alphabet. Google is enhancing on how it selects these backlinks to give sites a fuller picture of their backlink profile; this is made possible through feedback from the Webmaster community.

What does this benefit you?

The most momentous development you will realize is that most of the links are now sampled consistently from the full spectrum of backlinks instead of alphabetically. Chances of a user getting example links from different top-level domains (TLDs) including from different domain names are high. All the links that you see will be alphabetically sorted and you will notice much more broader, more diverse cross-section of links upon downloading your data.

Apart from that, site owners who are looking for insights regarding who recommends their content will now have a better overview of thise links and those working on cleaning up any bad linking practices will find it easier to see where to spend their time and effort.