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Creating a SEO strategy (with webmaster Tools)

Are you struggling to come up with an organic search strategy for our small business? Or have you asked yourself how can I come up with means which integrate my company’s various online components chief among them a website, blog or YouTube channel? Don’t be bothered; Google has something in stock for you.

Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead, Maile Ohye says, “Perhaps we can help! In under fifteen minutes, I outline s strategic approach to SEO for a mock company, Webmaster Central, where I pretended to be the SEO managing the Webmaster Central Blog.”

 Below is a fifteen-minute video that will assist you to create the SEO strategy at your company.

Video URL:

The fifteen-minute video looks at high-level topics and users can select a portion that is of interest to them.

Creating a SEO strategy

  • Using Webmaster Central as mock company
  • Building an SEO strategy

The video will make you understand the following aspects: 

  1. Understand searcher persona workflow
  2. Determine company and website goals
  3. Audit your site to best reach your audience
  4. Execute and make improvements