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Women’s Day: We Celebrate the Women of FGX Studios

We’re proud of our company’s attitude towards empowerment, which is geared towards redressing imbalances caused by the past. In honour of Women’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to our kick-ass team of women who get [stuff] done.

Women’s Day: We celebrate the Women of FGX


FGX’s fearless leader, one of the partners of the company. Her attitude is a go-getter, yes-we-can. She fights against mediocrity, and only expects the best – because she knows where there’s a will, there’s a way. Ilze also has a superpower: she can spot spelling errors from across the room. Helpful in ensuring FGX’s content is up to scratch. Her tenacity inspires us all to put in the extra rocket fuel to our work. Happy Women’s Day, Ilze!


Our no-nonsense Financial lady, loves running to keep fit. Her hero is her mom, who brought up three daughters while working full time. And then started studying Sociology at age 60. She lives for her twin seven-year old boys – double the trouble, but also double the fun. Lauren has a go-get ‘em attitude, always ready to help FGXers sort out their admin – and we all love her ‘cause she ensures we get paid on time, every time! Happy Women’s Day, Lauren!


Our accounts lady, who handles invoices and money collection. Like Lauren, she also runs, especially when those who don’t pay us give her the run around. She enjoys doing things that are measurable so that she can set herself targets to achieve – this keeps her focused on everyday improvement. Happy Women’s Day, Trace!


Recently, she’s taken on new responsibilities, that being the studio manager, which requires looking after the business and its people. She’s like our therapist, she helps keep the team from losing their minds when the work hits the fan! Her personal philosophy is that lifelong learning is key to happiness. When you take on new challenges and change direction now and again, life can’t get boring. Boredom is bad. Very bad. Happy Women’s Day, Deidre!


She’s our office ninja – a student of the martial art hapkido. It means, “To smash your face off!” in Korean. We think. Google Translate is finicky. Nicky does a bit of everything, survives on coffee, and is always one of the last ones out the door. Her belief in living your life to your full potential? Try everything at least once. If you don’t like it, try it again next year! Happy Women’s Day, Nicky!


One of our account managers, she also dabbles in a bit of everything. What motivates her? The enjoyment of Digital, learning, being creative, dealing with great clients, and a love of being challenged. Family is really important to her, especially as she realises life is short, and we need to spend as much time together as we can. Travel and new adventures are also important, and form part of the growth experience. Happy Women’s Day, Stephanie!


FGX’s social media expert, she handles accounts while continuing her studies towards an Honours degree in Business Management. She sees the full potential of Digital – as she puts it, “the sky’s the limit’. What inspires her is a drive and goal to be the best. Not necessarily over others, but over herself: she wants to be the best version of her she can be. She also has a taste for good wine, and raises two adorable pups. Happy Women’s Day, Elize!


Another account manager, she’s passionate about marketing and Digital. What inspires her to be her best is the example her mom and dad set for her – as well as her religious faith, which brings a lot of meaning to her life. She says she goes about living life to its full potential by keeping her affairs to herself and respecting whose who respect her. She believes you should only surround yourself with people who add value to your life. Happy Women’s Day, Rashida!


Our Search Engine Marketing expert. What does she do? Talk to Google, and ask nicely for it to index and crawl our awesome websites so that web users can find them hassle-free. She says the best thing, after food, is the internet, where there is so much to discover if used the right way. She’s inspired by understanding and helping clients reach their goals – it’s the most fulfilling thing for her. She especially loves seeing sites she’s worked on rank better and better through organic searches. Happy Women’s Day, Sasha!


She’s always first one in… long before we’re officially open for business – she’s our early bird and she certainly enjoys getting the worm. She writes creative content about whatever she thinks people are into. As a creative thinker, a normal 9 – 5 wouldn’t suit her personality. She enjoys gaining insights and improving herself month and month. And how does she live life to its full potential? By having her goals written down and marking them off as she goes. She personal motto is: “Take it one day at a time and don’t rush it.” She holds her work up to very high standards. Happy Women’s Day, Luzaan!


She is passionate about the digital space and being surrounded by creativity and strategies from all angles. She believes one can never learn enough and that in an ever-changing world, there is constant inspiration for learning and growing. Her motto is “Never let myself get boxed in.” She doesn’t stick to the norm – it’s boring. Akhona is the enemy of boring. Happy Women’s Day, Akhona!


The code kiddie in our team of fantastic femmes. She’s a backend developer who crunches the code in totally cool fashion. Highly talented, she writes scripts faster than The Flash could complete the Comrades Marathon. She’s got a great message for those looking for love. The most important thing is to love yourself unconditionally first. Only when you’ve learnt to love yourself will you be ready to love somebody else – because you can’t expect their love as a substitute for your own. Happy Women’s Day, Likho!


She’s a superstar. She keeps FGX shining bright. We value her love for her family – they’re never far from her thoughts. And she’s what makes FGX a family, too. Always ready to extend our company’s hospitality to our guests, her warm personality and warmer smile fills the heart. Happy Women’s Day, Rita!