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Moments make magic: how to connect to your audience through shared human experiences.

We all know that moment. When you’ve lost your phone, and after blocking it, you go online to Facebook and post: “Hey guys, my phone’s gone into a black hole of Jerry’s Nightclub. I don’t have any of your contact numbers so please just message me along with your names.”

It is not necessarily a frequent moment for you. But it is a common moment to see on Facebook.

How about that Throwback Thursdays? When you uncover some archaic photo of yourself on a drunken adventure at university, rocking skinny jeans in a way, sadly, you never will again… and you just have to post it. Twenty likes later, and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. Which is weird, because you’re feeling good about how you used to look, and then that’s factored in how you may not be feeling about yourself now.

Which leads to another frequent moment, one where you’re checking in at the gym, because everyone needs to know how healthy you’re keeping thanks to your new Apple Watch.

Of course, there are plenty of other moments too. Women between the ages of 28 – 35 years tend to be most interested in Facebook baby posts and pages. There’s the “We’re gonna have a baby!” moment that springs up all the time among friends.

Which may or may not have been preceded by the “She said yes!” moment, modern relationships being what they are these days.

There are countless moments every day on Social Media, some happening on a regular basis, like “I’d kill a rhino with my bare hands to get coffee” moments to “Happy Holidays!” moments that happen less frequently.

Many of these moments can be predicted, obviously holidays being one. Others, you can predict simply by accounting  the demography of your target audience. For one thing, young people are far more likely to lose their phones, because they tend to go out more, and clubs are notorious for thieves. Whereas older people are more likely to stay at home on the weekends, and watch Netflix. In which case, you may misplace your phone and spend half an hour looking for it (because it’s on silent) and you have that “I’m getting old” moment.

Which brings up another one of those common moments:

“Guys, I’ve just finished watching the last season of Breaking Bad; can someone recommend a really good series for me?”

And they do. Another great opportunity to strike. For one thing, the person concerned is susceptible to trying new things, and not just TV shows. Maybe a new brand?

Because of privacy settings, it isn’t always possible for businesses to tell what kind of moment a person is currently going through. However, here at FGX, we take into account what moments are most likely to happen when. For instance, there’s a period when people are most likely to propose, and that is after dating for 18 months. A prime time to start advertising engagement rings on their news feed. That’s something that Facebook lets you target. And it’s something we can write blogs for, to encourage both love, and a love for a particular diamond store. We don’t want people conflicted about diamonds.

It’s good to keep in mind moments, and to account for them when planning a content calendar. And there is a certain predictability.

Later next month, we have a Halloween moment. When you can actually be morbid and get away with it. In itself, it provides advertising opportunities for the astute advertiser. If you were Arrive Alive, you could do the following ad:


Arrive Alive, y’all…

Now that’s a hard-hitting moment. But if you’re Arrive Alive, you’ve got the perfect tactical opportunity to place ads like the above one on Facebook feeds. (Something else we specialise in is getting ads onto Facebook, targeting the right market, and obtaining enough reach.)

(If you like it, we’ll sell it to you for a good price. Concept, etc, ours.)

It’s important to take into account moments.

Moments are where the magic happens, moments are the shared human experiences that allow brands to connect with their audience on social media.

Moments are what make a company human and approachable, and moments are the best way to touch hearts. And as a famous advertising man once said, the fastest way to their wallets is through their hearts.

Maybe for your social media needs, you should make it an FGX moment.