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Win Fans Over with Facebook Competitions

The two objectives of having a Facebook page are gaining ‘likes’ and then getting those fans’ ‘likes’ to translate into members of your database. The easier past lies in getting likes. But how do you get your fans to subscribe to regular communication from you? How do you get those fans onto your database?
At FGX we believe that running regular competitions is a great way to incentivise fans to address that challenge. Not only is it the answer to that challenge, but it also draws in new fans and draws their attention to your brand. Once they’ve liked you, you’re already half way there. You want fans to engage with you and visit your page frequently. What you want is ‘super-fans’; the kind that are loyal and hang onto your every word. Or better yet, they’ll do your marketing for you by sharing your content or competition to their friends. And so the cycle of new fan to database member begins.

The other great thing about Facebook competitions is that they’re very dynamic. You can run smaller, regular competitions of a monthly basis and every now and again throw in something a bit more engaging and interactive that is linked to a great creative viral campaign. With the new Facebook timeline, you have so much visual space to be creative and feature competitions and campaigns.

And whether you’re running a smaller or bigger competition, you’ll always have to opportunity to gather research information to better understand your audience and your consumers. This rich source of data will help you create further communication that is more targeted and meets the needs of your database.

We maintain that it’s best to play by the rules so always ensure that Facebook competitions are both Facebook compliant as well as CPA compliant.