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Start remarketing with Google Analytics Instant Activation

Start remarketing with Google Analytics Instant Activation
Remarketing is a necessary method every advertiser should employ but worth noting is that the move is not easy for any savvy digital marketer out there. As such, only 1 out of 15 marketers fight to effectively complete their tasks.

To overcome some of these marketing challenges, Google has facilitated remarketing with a single toggle; this has been made possible by simply using Instant Activation which allows consumers to get started with remarketing in four easy steps rather than manually updating all their site tags.

Identifying quality visitors and maximizing conversions
John Burns, a director of marketing at Global Tech LED managed to start remarketing rapidly without relying on IT to re-tag his site. His company is a manufacturer of LED lighting which saw him launch his first remarketing campaign which triggered quick results by allowing him reach highest potential customers.

Upon attaining remarketing, Burns’ Global Tech Led benefited Google’s powerful machine-learning technology through smart lists and conversion optimizer. Smart Lists assisted John Burns’ company by automatically remarketing created lists of visitors who were most likely to connect in a subsequent session on Global Tech Led. Conversion Optimizer immediately adjusted the campaigns’ bids and awarded the company more conversations at a lower cost, thus adding up more time and resources for the company.

As such, the company has managed and is presently attaining their performance and outreach goals. The company has increased its display campaigns’ CTRs and has five times additional clicks on their remarketing campaign against their previous campaigns. The company witnessed a 100% increase on website traffic in the first 30 days of the campaign.
Are you willing to employ remarketing? If so, you have to go through four steps. In the first step, you have to select “Audiences’ under the “Remarketing” section within your Google Analytics property settings. The second step is to choose the AdWords account where you would like to share your Audience and click “Next Step.” The third requests that the user click “Enable” to create their first audience. They can also do that at a later stage and create more complex audiences such as “visitors who visited more than five pages” or “abandoned cart.” In the last step, the user should click “Create Campaign” thereby completing the remarketing campaign process in AdWords.