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Future Facebook Mobile Campaigns

There has been much debate around Facebook’s Open Graph and the efficacy around doing Facebook App Campaigns when a large group of users – especially in South Africa – access their Facebook account via their cell phones.

“Likes” and “Recommends” and “Sharing” are all made possible by Facebook’s Open Graph, the platform that extends and spreads Facebook’s social network throughout the web. And this Open Graph is now (we’re hoping closer to “now” than “somewhere in the future”) going mobile, according to Facebook’s Head of Mobile Products Eric Tseng.

A big contributor towards the mobile revolution internationally is, undoubtedly, Foursquare. The geolocation platform has started making waves predominantly amongst a pinched margin of techno-sav iPhone users in South Africa, whilst Facebook Places still remains absent in this country.

At the MobileBeat 2010 conference in San Francisco, Tseng said that Facebook “really sees mobile as the future,” and that we can expect to see Facebook’s “Like” buttons in mobile applications soon. We hope that this means that Facebook Places will be available locally as well. It’s a bit of a love-and-marriage, horse-and-carriage match made in social media campaign heaven.

1st prize = “Likes” + “Share” + Facebook Places + Your Brand + Viral + Integrated Marketing = KICK ASS CAMPAIGNS