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How to run an AdWords campaign on a small budget?

Google AdWords campaigns are generally not regarded as being cost effective for small and medium sized businesses.  The truth of the matter is that, these campaigns can be helpful and economically effective for companies who run their businesses on a low budget if they are used in a good manner. Below are some of the ways any business owner can implement in order to run a successful low budget AdWords campaign.

It is important for a company to consider the objectives of the campaign before launching an ad campaign. Reasons for the campaign should be explained. Doing this helps to generate traffic. One should also target specific keywords as a marketing stunt against their competitors. Being clear about objectives enables one to produce a more effective targeted ad.

As a business owner, you are required to stick to Google Search Networks. This is possible through the use of product listing ads (PLAs). PLAs are normally used by e-commerce websites and are a very common tool. Such options are usually suggested for campaigns that have a comfortable budget rather than for budget conscious users.

You should employ extensive keywords research. The reason being that bid for basic keywords can be very high. So you have to look for unique and longer keywords to effectively compete on a smaller budget. You should also look for effective long tail keywords using your Analytics account to see organic searches leading to your website, Google auto-complete option, and tools like Google’s Keyword Tool or Word Stream’s Niche Finder

One must desist from using Dynamic Search Ads. These ads are not triggered by specific keywords chosen by you. But they are rather displayed when someone searches for anything related to the content of your landing page. While this seems convenient, it often results in unrelated impressions and clicks, which push your daily budget up.

There are a number of companies that can help you to implement some of the above strategies on how to conduct an effective AdWords campaign on a low budget. FGX is one such company.