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Growth of mobile media over desktop

Mobile media is the new phenomenon and expression which has gripped the entire globe. For years, the world has seen a gradual but fierce transition from desktop usage to mobile media usage. Recent international statistics show that media access through the desktop stands at 29 percent while mobile media access is rated at 71 percent. South Africa is trailing behind, but this year we have noticed the tipping point being reached on many of our client’s websites.

For a layman on the street, mobile media or the media in motion business is anchored around the premise of mobility and portability of media. The growth of new mobile media as a true force in society has been marked by mobile media device sales outpacing personal computer sales. Schools, enterprises and consumers alike are moving on to the always connected, do anything-anywhere experience that mobile media provides.

Mobile phones, iPods, laptops, ipads, tablets and other mobile media devices have started eating into what was classically a desktop only space. These devices and their corresponding media technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the everyday lives of millions of people worldwide. Through these mobile media devices, digital content and even live television and radio can be downloaded by podcasting or can be streamed over the web. The coming on the scene of mobile media has enhanced digital marketing for many of our clients and social networking by individuals and business entities too.

It’s been a growing trend for our clients to start budgeting more for mobile media marketing channels than the traditional ones. Mobile media marketing has much of its success thank to business houses being able to track their return on investment more accurately and reach more consumers and consequently create a relationship which is more personal with depth and relevance.
Currently, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsup, have taken over the media landscape. This is because these outlets provide quality, a wider reach and frequency, usability, immediacy and permanency.

Mobile media has therefore powered highly interactive platforms through which individuals, communities and businesses can share, co-create, discuss and modify content.

Looking at the above, it’s safe to say the desktop era has quietly given in to the force of mobile media and it can only get bigger and better. This technological development has fortunately been in tandem with the FGX competencies in the mobile space. This gives FGX the ability to ensure that organizational marketing efforts give the highest returns on investment (ROI) on a yearly basis.