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Why you should get a custom-built website and how we can help.

A custom-built website is the way to go. See, chances are, if you’ve got a business, you’re – or the person handling your website for you is – using a website builder. Like WordPress, which most of the world’s websites are built on. Most businesses would be paying for the Business version, so you’re not likely to see the ‘Made by WordPress’ signage.

But you may be able to infer it anyway, just because it has some sort of sameness about it.

This is why you want a custom-built website:

You make the cookie cutter.

Custom-built websiteAnd cookie cutter is the right metaphor. The reason you’re experiencing a sense of déjà vu when you see a company’s website made with a website builder is that they rely on templates. You get a selection of templates to put your company in, like possibly force fitting a football through a hosepipe.

But with a custom-built website, you’re not relying on a template. You choose the specifications, you get what you need and nothing of what you don’t.

This means you get to choose the design of the website that best makes sense for your business. You get to control the customer journey through your page, and guide them where they need to go – whether that’s to the contact form or the shopping cart.

You avoid the bloat.

Website builders are designed to service the maximum amount of people possible. Mainly having their specific needs. It’s really a shotgun approach. Perhaps a knife is a better example. A Swiss Army knife, which includes everything including the kitchen sink. You don’t need the kitchen sink, but it’s built into the website builder anyway. This is called bloatware, a reference to the days when software – usually the trial version – you didn’t really want anyway was pre-installed on your new computer. Often with the result of slowing down its performance.

And that’s exactly what the Swiss Army knife is like. This big, bulging implement is in your pocket, making it difficult to be mobile. Especially on mobile.

This has the effect of slowing down your website, because all that added complexity means more has to load. Making customers wait while your site loads is bad.

With a custom-built website, your website has only the functionality it needs, nothing more. A custom-built website, therefore, will load much quicker.

You automatically have better website security.

If your website’s security is compromised, it places customers’ computers in danger of infection by malware. Then Google places your site into a sandbox. It won’t be accessible to the Google search engine anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you secure your site again. Google’s algorithm won’t ‘trust’ you again, and even if you get out the Google sandbox, your rankings will be very low. Like, search result 12 483 294. And five.

If you show up at all on any page whatsoever.

Google hates malware.

And security will always be an issue with website builders. For instance, WordPress uses a lot of third-party plug-ins (i.e. apps that work with the site, i.e. they “plug in” to it – but WordPress itself isn’t directly responsible for these plug-ins). Not all of them are very good about updating their software. Over time, exploits become more and more visible to hackers searching for them.

So if you have a website built with a website builder that is currently using an outdated plug-in, it is vulnerable to infection. And it isn’t even that hard to hack a website these days. Because website builders are so commonly used, a hacker just needs to download a certain tool off the Dark Web that could potentially affect 10 000 websites (same cookie cutter, remember?) and hack all of them in one easy go.

Because your custom-built website will be completely unique, he won’t be able to simply use an exploit on it. There’s only one. And hackers want to affect the maximum amount of people for the least amount of effort. When they come to your website, as they’ve come to dozens already that day, when they run the exploit tool it won’t do anything. Because you have unique code. They’ll move onto the next one.

Most malicious attacks happen on a mass scale. They target commonly used programmes.

We’re here to help you with a custom-built website.

Fortunately, part of our service offering is to make our clients a custom-built website. Designs and developers comprise our team. The designers ensure  your custom-built website looks great and is easy to navigate. And our developers are excellent; they could code The Matrix. Take that, Morpheus!

We’re the experts when it comes to web solutions that work, and we additionally have a highly-skilled content and SEO team that’ll help people find your website now that you have it.

That’s because we write intriguing blogs and create dynamic content for your brand.

If you’re looking to build your business up, build it with carefully considered blueprints… not mass-produced modules.

Contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance building the custom-built website your business deserves.