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Meet our Team. Comic Dude and Designer Guy: Cordel Ringani

Today, we are proud to present the epic motion blog, a story, an interview, about a man who took on the odds, very dramatic odds, to overcome all challenges and become a member of our super team…

What are you going on about? (Laughs.)

Question for a question. Why are you shaking your head at me? My super-sense tells me it’s disapproving shakiness.

Your super-sense is very accurate. You could be a superhero.

You could be a superhero!

Really? What would my superhero power be?

Calming Man! Because you’re very calm. Even when you’re under pressure.

Yeah, I believe that panic is a useless emotion. I believe in getting things done.

Right. So onto the questions. Would you describe yourself as (a) an animal (b) a vegetable or (c) a mineral?

I’d describe myself as a family man.

A lot of people would describe me as a vegetable. So obviously family is really important to you.

My little girl is my most precious gift. Followed by my wife.

I really like my cats.

Cats are nice.

If you could be any comic character in the whole wide world of comic book characters, who would you be?

My favourite character is Spider-Man, because in high school I was pushed around and I wished I could have super powers.

Did you ever get bitten by a radio active spider?

I wanted to, but the problem was finding one.

You just uranium and a few insects as bait – hello!


You have a very hearty laugh. Has anyone ever told you that?

I get that a lot.

Which side of the family does your laugh come from?

My dad’s. That side of the family are like clowns. They play pranks and stuff.

So your surname is Ringani, correct?


And would you say you’re the man of the house?

Well, it’s just me, my wife, and my little girl.

So you would be the man of the house.


That makes you the Lord of the Ringanis!


One Ringani to rule them all!


“You must take the One Ringani to Mount Doom, little Hobbit!”

Please stop.

Okay, okay. Have you ever imagined yourself as a top secret agent?

Well, yeah, I have quite an imagination.

That would have meant you were in a Spy Ringani!

Seriously, I’ve got work to do.

What’s your favourite music?


And artist?

Kendrick Lamar.

What about him makes you love him?

He’s so creative. He’s more an artist than just another musician.

Can you sing?

Noooo. In my head I can sing.

What would you define as your key strengths?

Highly creative. I can draw very well. And one of my strengths can also be seen as a weakness.

What’s that?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist.

That’s such a job interview answer! “So what would you describe as your greatest weakness?” “Oh, I’m such a perfectionist! I can’t leave the office until the job is 100% perfect! I don’t have a social life either! I am married to the job!”

Okay, leave it out then.

No, I’m not leaving it out. Good answer! It’s how you win at these interviews. The kids out there must know. It’s tough out there.


What do you love most about FGX?

I love the people and the culture. I love how we work hard, come together as a team, and share big laughs.

What kind of things do we laugh about?

Well, let me give you an example. We have a colleague who is sort of seeing someone who is quite a bit older. So we have these running jokes.

Like, for instance, “He’s got the golden touch… he learnt that from King Midas.”

Ha! Or asking her if he prefers chicken for dinner… or pterodactyl.

Oh my goodness, I’m cry-laughing.

It just makes for a nice working environment and stimulates creativity. We get creative and it shows in our work. Which means we get to deliver better quality work for our client.

You said we help each other? Can you elaborate?

Well, like the company likes multi-skilled people to join our team. We have a writer with some aptitude for design. He actually worked as a designer at his last job. We have an intern who’s just joined us, but she is amazing, she picks up stuff so fast. There’s a front-end developer who can do back-end too.

So it’s a very versatile place to work.

We really go the extra mile.

As long as it’s not the green mile.

Good movie.