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Top 5 Travel Apps for the iPhone

If your thinking of travelling any time soon, here with a few apps that will make your trip hassle free.

  1. Google Translate – Now delivering easy translation in over 50 different languages, Google Translate heads the list of the most important travel apps for your iPhone. It even displays the translations for you, so no more worrying about your accent either.
  2. Airbnb – Looking to stay somewhere on the cheap? Try Airbnb’s mobile application. Within a few simple taps you can find available property in your area, contact the property owner, and more.
  3. Foodspotting –One of the premier apps out there for foodies, and invaluable for any traveler, Foodspotting relies on user reviews and pictures to create it’s database, which can be sorted even by individual neighborhood based on your GPS location.
  4. OMaps – While everyone agrees that the built in map function of the iPhone works great, it has one big weakness: it often needs a 3G connection to properly perform. OMaps lets you download your maps in advance, meaning that you can still know where you are headed even in areas without the best cell phone coverage.
  5. Flight Tracker – Ever made a mad rush to the airport, only to discover the flight was delayed or cancelled? With Flight Tracker, those insane dashes are a thing of the past. It provides integrated real-time data on flight departures and travel times, including all delays, and even gate assignments.