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Newsletters: Building solid customer relationships

There’s a reason we have such a high level of divorces in the world today. The number one relationshipcide is lack of communication. Oh, you know how it goes: ten years have passed, and your love-bug now gets out of bed and they don’t give you a morning hug. Why? You ask. Do they not love me anymore? Are they… cheating?

Lack of communication doesn’t just result in miscommunication. It can lead to couples drifting apart, to the point where they find they live completely separate lives. Two strangers in the night. Then one day, someone else comes along. Perhaps a colleague. Perhaps a new friend. But your significant other starts spending significantly more time with them. Until, finally, the most dreaded four words in the English language are uttered:

“We have to talk.”

This is not the kind of communication that should have happened. All the other communication you were meant to be involved in was supposed to avoid this one from happening.

Oh my gosh, they’re in love with another brand!

We think this is the perfect metaphor for your own relationship with your clients or your customers. The way you keep communication alive is varied, but one very nifty and consistent way of doing it is by using regular newsletters.

Your newsletter helps keep your brand or company top-of-mind for your customer. And so, it helps keep your relationship connection with them alive. If you’re a company like an online ordering store, your newsletter also serves to push product by highlighting deals.

Essentially, you want your newsletter to keep your customer informed about what is happening with your brand and invested – preferably emotionally – in it. Being invested simply means some of their headspace is taken up by what your core functionalities are.

For instance, you’re Handyman, Inc. Your core business is around basic house maintenance. Your customers tend to be loyal, partly because you come in, do the job, do it for a fair price, and leave. That wall with a flake of paint missing? Coated. The door hinge that squeaked like a mouse ambushed by Mr X? Silent as that Christmas carol. The leaky tap? Now they have more water on tap.

But you don’t want to be forgotten about. What if your customers meet another handyman at a friend’s place and they’re impressed by what they see? They’re not thinking of you because it’s been 12 months since you were last at their home. Instead, they might think, “You know, I’ve been meaning to fix up the trapdoor to my basement…” and ask for the guy’s card.

How the newsletter turns out to be handy.

But you, being the wise handyman you are, hire a company like FGX who do newsletters all the time – we, after all, have the systems in place for data capture and distribution to inboxes of those signed up.

You regularly publish your Harry’s Handy Helper. You have little articles about general trends in DIY, new lightbulbs on the market for those special fixtures that require some with a familiarity with a toolbox to install.

There’s mention of how to turn a loft into a fourth room in a three-bedroom house (and to make it more enticing, you also subtly say that it’s a great, relatively cheap way to increase property value). Drywalls are at excellent prices now! You can install a custom-cut one easily into most spaces.

All these selling titbits mentioned monthly will at least keep your customers thinking of you (and how innovative the service you sell actually is).

That’s because with the right agency looking at these angles for you, you’ll have fresh content every month that keeps your customers in-tune with your world, and with you as a reliable, likeable service provider.

It’s foundationally communication.

You’re keeping your customers informed and you’re keeping them brand aware, on a consistent basis. And at the same sly time, slipping in new opportunities to sell services or products. It’s a good relationship.

Certainly not a marriage of convenience.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can develop a regular newsletter system for your customers and clients, send us a mail at [email protected]. We’ll have your relationship with customers strong and without the need for marriage counsellors.