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A video on how to expand your site to more languages

Making your site to become multilingual can broaden your audience thus increase traffic; your site shouldn’t be confined to a single language especially when the product and content that you have is designed for different communities.

As such, Google Team filmed a video that will equip you with more details regarding expanding your site to more languages or country based language variations. The video looks at rel=”alternate” hreflang and potential implementation on you multilingual and/or multinational site.

Video URL:

It’s up to the user to go through the entire video clip or rather select segment that appeals them most; below are some of the sections covered in the video:

  • Potential search issues with international sites
  • Questions to ask within your company before beginning international expansion
  • International site use cases
  • rel=”alternate” hreflang and hreflang=xdefault”:details and implementation
  • Best practices

 Some of the additional resources users will obtain on hreflang are as follows:

  • Webmaster Help center article on rel=”alternate” hreflang and hreflang=”x-default
  • More blog posts
  • Webmaster discussion forum FAQ on internationalization
  • Webmaster discussion forum for internationalization