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Making more pages load instantly

It’s everyone’s wish to have their pages load fast thus Google introduced Instant Pages with the intention of increasing speed. Worth noting is that Instant Pages employs prerendering technology in Chrome thus making your site appear to load instantly in some cases, with no need for any extra work.

As such, Google designed a one minute 24 seconds video called “Google Search with Instant Pages.”

Video URL:

According to Google, Instant Pages has saved a thousand of a user’s time since it was invented. Many a times, Webmasters don’t have to do anything on their sites to correctly work with prerendering. As mentioned by Google when it introduced Instant Pages, search traffic will be measured in Webmaster tools and only the results visited by the user will be counted.

Users who sites employ Page Views on their own might be interested in the Page Visibility API, that enables them to sense when prerendering is occurring and factor those out of your statistics.

Ziga Mahkovec, a Software Engineer, for Google’s Instant pages says, “If you use an ads or analytics package, check with them to see if their solution is already prerender-aware: if it is, in many cases you won’t need to make any changes all,”

He added, ‘If you’re interested in triggering Chrome’s prerendering within your own site, see the ‘Prerendering in Chrome’ article.”

Instant Pages provides users reach out for your site while they are happy and more engaged – situation that great for everyone.