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How to recover a hacked site

Website hacking is the most common feature commonly experienced by many website owners; people hack websites for different reasons, chief among them to retrieve sensitive information, temper with the security system of an organization or commit fraud.

Realizing that your site has been hacked by a spam or malware is so boring and trying to rectify that problem can be so challenging let alone costly. Google has of late been working to make recovery even easier and streamline the cleaning process; the giant search company has designed a dedicated help portal for hacked sites that is equipped with detailed articles regarding the process of recovering and video clips that will guide users throughout the process.

As such, Google invented a new feature in Webmaster Tools called Security Issues. These tools will allow the owner of a site to practice the following: • Find more information about the security issues on your site, in one place

• Pinpoint the problem faster with detailed code snippets

• Request review for all issues in one go through the new simplified process

Get to know about the security issues on your site in one place

In a statement by Google’s Webmaster Tools Team said, “Now, when we’ve detected your site may have been hacked with spam or with malware, we’ll show you everything in the same place for easy reference.”

To support the above sentiments, the team has made some changes regarding information on it website; information that was previously available in the Malware section of webmaster Tools, as well as new information about spam inserted by hackers, is now available in Security Issues. Within the Security Issues page, users will recognize the type of hacking; sample URLs if available and the date when Google last detected the issue.

Pinpoint the problem faster with detailed code snippets

Google will by all means try to show you HTML and JavaScript code snippets from the hacked URLs and list recommended actions to assist users clean up the specific type of hacking they have identified.

Request review for all issues in one go

The giant search engine has made requesting review easier; users can now request a review for all issues with one click of a button straight from the Security Issues page once they have cleaned their site.