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How effective is content marketing

Content marketing is any form of marketing that entails the formation and sharing of media and publishing content with the thrust of acquiring and retaining customers. It is essential for organisations whose core objective s content marketing to understand the ideas and tips on why content marketing is effective process.

The idea of content marketing involves presenting clients with a brand that would help shape public opinion through any form of media. The key objective behind content marketing is to share content that lures one’s audience. That would lead us to advertising. In that case, content marketing becomes an advertising vehicle bent on feeding people with all the good stuff they enjoy reading, watching and listening to. Thanks to social media, there are apps that were/are designed to achieve how one can share their content.

Worth noting is that small brands have also penetrated these forms of advertising especially social media.  Social media is now awash with content that’s coming from small brands. These small brands have diverted most of their budget into what they regard as subtler, cleverer and more effective and lasting form of medium to deliver in the message.  Content marketing through social media is a fast and effective process that can reach every corner of the world if done properly.

Content marketing is fast becoming a big business in most African countries especially in South Africa where technology is much ahead compared to other countries. A research conducted in the UK provides that 60 per cent of marketers use branded content and that these reserve about 20 per cent of their budget for carrying it out, compared with only 14 per cent for TV, 11 per cent online and 10 per cent display. That on its own shows how effective content marketing has become.

Worth mentioning is that content marketing should be something that the audience should like and admirer upon reading, watching and listening to. If content is properly presented and managed, it’s easier for people to get lured and fall for it. They will know where to go if they are in need of your products.