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Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of strategies that not only includes a focus on content creation and distribution, but also goes back to the fundamentals of information architecture, usability, design, and development. Ensuring that the basics are set up before keyword research and placement, link building and social media marketing are put in place to guarantee that all the SEO building blocks that provide a solid base, are present.

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Creating content without sounding like a robot.

It’s a myth SEO writing has to be dry. Our writers are superb at spinning stories that make great content, yet at the same time will draw in Google’s little crawlers. End result? We generate content people will want to read – and easily be able to find!

It’s part of an art: our creatives know how to weave in the right words in the right ways without staggering the flow of the article or making it obvious there’s a clear SEO strategy. Google’s rankings are happy, your market is entertained, and you’re smiling at your brand’s increased engagement.

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The end goal
of Google.

SEO is focused on understanding an online audiences’ search patterns and provides the foundation as to the type of content that a website needs to incorporate. As Paul Cookson stated: “A website without SEO is like a car with no gas”. As search engines, such as Google, become ever more demanding on the requirements of a website, SEO is the engine that drives the vast majority of users to a website.

A true reflection of SEO at work can be seen in the execution of our Mall of Africa SEO strategy. A world class strategy has led to over two million page views on the website since its creation in April. With SEO contributing to over 80% of the total search traffic and an ever increasing number of keyword rankings, we will continue to see the benefits of SEO on a daily basis for many years to come.

Google is driven by data and AI. To some extent, not even developers understand the complex and ever-changing algorithms that push some rankings to the top. This is where the science of it all comes together.

What do the top rankings have in common? What keywords are they using, and at what density? How should you optimise? What are the search trends? What are the high volume and low volume longtail keywords you should be looking out for?

Yes, many questions, and they all tally up at the end. We look at the complete picture and chip away at your competitors one day at a time until you reach ideal rankings on your chosen keywords.

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Making it all work


in Website

When it comes to website design in South Africa, we’re the trusted experts. Having completed countless professional websites for an esteemed base of clients since our inception as a digital marketing agency, we know exactly what it takes to get your company’s website to the next level, and use allthings digital to get your brand established in the market.

FGX offers a wide variety of website design and digital marketing packages, tailored to suit your business needs. Whether you have a small business that simply requires a web presence to get going or whether you need a more complex e-commerce website with a shopping cart integration, our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you in forming a strategic solution to enhance your business and brand credibility.


That appeals
to your

First impressions count and your website is often the first interaction a customer will have with your business. It’s crucial that your website makes an impact on your client.

Scientifically Planned

Clean lines, content positioning and call to action elements, have to be scientifically planned to get the most from your site. The design must be functional and responsive.

Target Market

We take every measure to understand your audience and target market to give them the web design that not only gives them a seamless user-experience, but also one that will entice them to purchase your products or services.


We believe that a great website design should not only captivate and engage an audience from the moment they log on, until the moment they check out.


And it’s not just us; Google, the number one search engine, pays close attention to how people interact with your website, and this plays a significant role in the ranking process. So, is the user-experience important? Absolutely!

Why choose FGX over other
website design companies?

We know it’s a daunting notion: how do you choose a web design company when there are so many website development companies to choose from?

We’ve seen, done, and designed it all. Your decision to choose us as your website design company is backed by over 18 years as a leader in the web design industry. You’ll instantly feel and see the benefit of our extensive experience. We have a competent team ofaward winning designers and expert web developers who are standing by to take care of your every web design need – if you can dream it, we can, and will, build it.

A huge part of our success lies in the scientific approach we take to the website design and copy. Our SEO and UX teams plan the websites meticulously according to best practice. With this, we offer you a cost-effective, high-quality, and functional website that will drive sales, leads and will rank in Google search results.

Many industry leaders have made FGX their digital company of choice, entrusting theirwebsite design, management and digital marketing to us. For more information on our customer base, please click here

Creative Impact
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with a difference.

We do things differently, and therefor create competitive advantage for our clients. A great website design will engage visitors, convert them into paying customers who are loyal

Our team also have extensive knowledge in supporting aspects of having a website including: domain registration& transfer, website maintenance, security, software updates, and even hosting.

Our social media marketing gurus combined with our expert website designers work together to provide our clients with a rounded solution that’s driven by results that will give the best ROI. We have a team of digital marketing experts on hand to assist our clients to grow their business in every aspect with a range of additional services to complement anew website. These services range from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content writing, e-mail marketing and Google Adwords.

You might have yourself wondering how much a new website design cost? The answer, at least with us, is based on your specific requirements. We don’t have a “one size fits all” model. We look at at what your objectives are and design accordingly.In today’s competitive market, a template design may devalue your brand and it could get lost in the clutter. . So, we do custom web design and development around your needs for a price that you will love.

We’re dedicated to creating extraordinary websites and friendly user-experience for visitors. Whether it’s e-commerce, business, entertainment, educational, blog or media website, we know that every user interaction is as important as the next and we design with this in mind.


Custom Website Design

Our Website Design Portfolio

Our website design
portfolio says it all.

Over the years, we’ve built up a healthy portfolio of happy clients, satisfied with their website’s needs and functions. We believe that there’s no better metric of establishing credibility, trust, and a guarantee of expectancies than a track record and past work completed. With this in mind, we’re proud to put forward some of our best work in our portfolio page. Take a look for peace of mind before we partner up.


website design
approach focused on
the user-experience.

We believe in mobile first. We therefore ensure web design and development that is optimised for full responsiveness on any type of device. With more than half of searches being conducted on a mobile, we simply know that your business’s website can’t afford not to.

When you look at all leading websites, they all have one thing in common: a great website design with great mobile optimisation. Shouldn’t your business website join them? Get in contact with us today and we can make an impressive website design for your business that you can be proud of.

mobile first

79% of all search traffic
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starts with search.


50% of all search
will be voice this year.


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