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It's a brand experience.

Creating positive online brand experiences leads to loyal customers. If effectively managed, your online presence has the power to win new customers, reinforce your relationship with your existing customers, inspire referrals, and manage your reputation well in today’s very public and real-time brand communication arena.

More now than ever

We are connected with social media.

Social media is the connective tissue of society as well as the tool that connects you with your customers. For your brand to perform in the online sphere, FGX offers auditing of your social presence. Based on the audit we make recommendations for expanding your digital footprint in ways that support your business objectives.

We offer online community management, content creation, content curation, analysis of social engagement, and ongoing consultation to optimise results. Inspire your client base with ongoing top of mind campaigns that will have them coming back for more.

Research can help you understand your client better

Do you know
your client?

Know your clients. Know what drives them, what fuels them, and what makes them tick. We can help you understand your clients – the heart of your business. When you give us the data, we make sense of it, we see the humans beneath the numbers so that we can touch their hearts.

We customise an approach to your audience based on their specific likes, interests, and personality types. We then speak to them in their language and tone by creating and posting content that would be of interest to them, simple – not simple…

We’ve started many social communities. Heck – we have been around the block more than a couple of times… At the spark of social media, we started and built some giant communities for clients, before unscrupulous agencies started buying followings and all the numbers lost their meaning, didn’t they?

Well, yes and no. A strong following does reflect well on a brand but when you dig deeper, social media is not really about the external image of a brand. It’s about a personal connection with your customers. Now we are having a different conversation. We are speaking about adding value, deepening connections, and building fans – in the true sense of the word. This is the conversation we want to have with you.

We strive to connect

Vanity metrics
are dead.


35% of ZA population
accesses social media.


20% year on year increase
in social media use.


3 hours spent per
day on social media.


1 800 000 the amount of ZA users
accessing FB every month.

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