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Amazon Product Optimisation Services

Whoever said, “never judge a book by its cover” clearly never went book shopping. If you’re looking for light holiday reading and the cover says, “Advanced Newtonian Physics: A Reflection,” you’re in the wrong aisle. Your Amazon products are your book. Let FGX put the right cover on it.

So, you’ve decided to open an Amazon shop. We think you made the right choice. As the world’s largest online marketplace, you’ve just driven up the onramp to the conversion highway. However, loads of other people have the same idea. The competition on a platform this big is stiff, and you need to stand out from the crowd to increase sales. The route to accessing the most potential customers and conversions is mapped out for you, and it’s heading toward optimising your product listings. Don’t know the way? FGX will help you navigate.

By doing our job as an Amazon listing optimisation service, we’re improving your Amazon SEO, meaning more people who want to buy your product will see it. We do this by giving the listing a makeover. Jumping into your Amazon Seller Central, creating strategic titles, writing informative yet compelling product descriptions, arranging high-quality product images, and researching one hefty list of SEO keywords for you to integrate. Then, we set those listings up for you and keep an eye on them, tweaking them and making changes as the Amazon algorithm and market trends shift. You? You just get to sit back and watch those conversions stack up. We’ve got this.

Optimising your product listing: The FAQs.

“What’s the deal with all this?” you might be thinking. “The guy who owns the corner convenience store doesn’t have to optimise a nartjie? Why must I do this to sell MY products?” And you’d be right. But that’s because there aren’t three other guys in the store also trying to sell you naartjies with a nicer sticker on them. Here’s the low down:

Do I really need to optimise my product listing to reach potential buyers?

The short answer is: “like a shark needs the ocean.” The long answer is yes, very much so. No matter how incredible your offering is, if a customer a) can’t find it or b) loses interest when they get there, it might as well not exist. The way to maximise your chances of that customer journey being completed all the way to conversion is through optimising your product listing. It’s all about digital packaging, and FGX has been wrapping wares up in appealing marketing paper for over 25 years. We’re great at it.

Who is Amazon SEO actually for?

The quality of your product listing affects three parties: the store owner, the customer, and Amazon itself. To put it in a way that doesn’t involve deep diving into fiddly, techy ones and zeroes, optimising your product listings makes Amazon LIKE you and your store.

Your efforts to optimise your listing make it much easier for the platform to match your listing with precisely the right person, increasing the chance of conversion and increasing the amount of money the platform makes off of sales and shipping fees. Proper product listing optimisation also makes customers like you. This is because they get concise, trustworthy information on what they’re about to fork out their hard-earned cash for.

A shifty product description – we’re looking at YOU, poorly placed “inverted commas” – can immediately turn someone away from a purchase. We’re not all copywriters, so having an extra pair of eyes there is likely to help significantly. Lastly, optimised Amazon SEO makes you like YOURSELF! Well, your past self. You’ll find order fulfilment and logistics a much easier task when your product listing backend isn’t messy, confusing or badly organised. We know a thing or two about satisfying categorisation here.

Ok, but… can’t I just do effective Amazon Product listing myself?

Yes. But in the same way that you could theoretically climb Mount Everest yourself. It would take you a long time to get to the space where you have the expertise to do it well, it might turn out pretty expensive, and you’re very likely to swear loudly a few times along the way.

When you choose a team (like FGX) to optimise your product listings on your behalf, you’re skipping the long uphill trek to success. We’ll just pop up there and grab the flag for you! If you want to fast-track your Amazon store’s growth and profitability, the best bet is to choose a trustworthy listing optimisation service.

How can FGX help you with product listing optimisation?

1. We’ll get you started on Amazon Seller Central

We’ll kick off that process if you’re not already set up as an Amazon Vendor. Strong foundations are the key to long-term success; we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls we often see vendors stumbling into. There’s so much supporting documentation from the platform that you will want a summary. We’ll keep it bite-sized.

2. We’ll get those listings of yours looking sexy

And we mean downright irresistible to the Amazon algorithm and your potential customers. We’ll do this by optimising your product titles, keyword research, product images, backend, descriptions, bullet points and more. If it’s on that page, we’re streamlining it. Sorry, not sorry.

3. We’ll increase your traffic with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We will get so many clicks going through your store that it’s going to sound like you set up shop in a swarm of crickets. Using our time-honed SEO expertise, we’ll get you as high in your target market’s search results as possible and do it organically, too. Your newly optimised product listings are about to be seen by a ton of people.

4. We’ll manage your optimised product listings

These optimised product listings will be so lovely, they’ll deserve some TLC. FGX will monitor their performance, conversion rate and rankings, constantly making minor maintenance tweaks to get you ahead of the competition. We’ll also stay up to date with platform changes and implement pivoted strategies, so you don’t have to keep checking those Amazon update emails in your spam folder.

5. We’ll register your brand for you.

Fact: Officially registering your brand on Amazon can give you a significant competitive advantage over other vendors competing for your target market. Another fact: That process takes a really long time and a considerable amount of admin and effort on your part. A third (crucial) fact: FGX can handle that process for you, so your listings come out on top every time.

6. We’ll make you better brand content.

FGX creates more than just effective branded content. We make it memorable. Your store should be the store customers keep visiting over and over again. It deserves to be a bookmark in their browser and a shortcut in their iPhone. We’re here to create a unique brand identity through creative that builds recognition and loyalty.

Signs that it’s time to hire Amazon Product Optimisation Services.

  • You’re not making any sales. You didn’t even know it was possible to make this few sales. At this point, you might have to start paying Amazon an extra fee just for letting you on there.
  • Your store traffic is declining to the point you’re almost expecting a .gif of one of those old-timey tumbleweeds to roll across your seller central dashboard.
  • Your conversion rate is low. That means people are coming, looking around, deciding they’re not picking up what you’re laying down, and leaving. Which is somehow more insulting than not looking at all.
  • You’re not ranking for the right keywords. If you search for your product with general terms and your listing doesn’t pop up, we’ve got bad news for you, buddy…
  • You literally just do not have time to spend learning how to do SEO. Who decided that 2022 was when we all had to learn SEO? When did this become a survival essential? Was there a memo?

It’s time to optimise your Amazon product listings. We’ve never been more ready to help.