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X marks the spot where your Amazon paid ad spend and your creative strategy meet up to

skyrocket your conversions. 

Let FGX help you find your X. 

We know why you’re here. You want to boost your sales on Amazon with a paid ad campaign, but you’re not about to throw money into the abyss of PPC advertising for a platform you’re not entirely familiar with yet. We get it.

You’ve come to the right place. FGX is a bespoke Amazon PPC company that’s here to equip your business with an Amazon paid ads strategy that works. No cookie-cutter solutions, “set and forget” campaigns or unmotivated decisions. We use empirical data and analytics to build customised Amazon PPC strategies that scale and grow with your business. Our dedicated team will create, monitor and adjust Amazon ads that drive traffic to your store, leaving you to reap the rewards. The only difficult decision now? Do you tell your loved ones about your business empire on the group chat now, or wait to brag at Sunday lunch?

Paid ads on Amazon: The FAQs

Chances are, you’re not already a marketing expert. Let’s face it, the world would be a much stranger place if we all were. We’ll fill you in on the basics before we show you what we can do.

What is Amazon PPC Advertising? 

PPC is not a type of fancy new synthetic plastic you can make catsuits out of, though that would definitely track. It stands for “Pay Per Click.” And that’s precisely what it is! When you invest in Amazon Pay Per Click ads, you’re only paying for your ad space every time someone clicks on your ad.

What’s not guaranteed is that they WILL click on your ad or that they WILL make a purchase after they’ve clicked. That’s where an FGX strategy comes in – bridging the gap between “I see that thing” and “I own that thing.” That thing being your thing, naturally.

How do I do PPC on Amazon effectively?

There’s a lot behind successfully executing an Amazon PPC campaign. Firstly, you need to get the algorithm showing your ads, which means meeting the platform’s strict advertising guidelines.

Then, you need to ensure your ads are in front of the RIGHT people, which means figuring out the right keywords to pack in. After that, you need to ensure your ad is actually good. There’s no use in getting your PPC content in front of your audience if their immediate initial reaction is a soft “ew.” After that, you’ve got to curate a customer journey to conversion, which can be like herding cats, except these cats are holding very tightly onto their wallets. Afterwards, you must keep monitoring and tweaking this campaign based on performance and updates – the more frequently, the better. Alternatively, you just let FGX do it, and you go have fun.

What types of Amazon PPC are there?

There are three types of Amazon PPC ads, each uniquely suited to specific goals and offerings. Most businesses will benefit from exploring a mix of three varieties, but the ad spending and creative needs to vary. Yes, this is like a Rubik’s cube, but you risk actively losing cash. The Amazon Paid ads you can run are:

  • Amazon Sponsored Product Ads:

These are the most “general” ads, using keyword and product targeting to advertise specific, individual products. These Sponsored Product ads will appear alongside other products on the search results page or in a carousel on a product detail page. They use broad match, phrase match and exact match keyword targeting to get your listings to the right people. You can also target these ads with “negative keywords,” which are specific keywords searches you want your product to be left out of.

  • Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads: 

FYI – these used to be known as Headline Search ads. They’re also PPC ads that use the same keyword targeting as Sponsored Product Ads, but instead of advertising just ONE offering from your store at a time like Sponsored Product ads, Sponsored Brand ads showcase a whole range of products at once. They appear right at the top of a search page, above all other Amazon PPC content and organic listings. Customers can follow this ad to the choice of your store, a product list page, or a custom URL.

  • Amazon Product Display Ads:

This ad type is only available to vendors. If you are not a registered vendor with Amazon, you won’t have the ability to run these ads – but we can help you out with that. You’ll want access, too, because these bad boys appear EVERYWHERE. We mean on a product’s detail page, on the right side of the search results page, on customer review pages, on the read all reviews pages, on top of offer listing pages, in Amazon-generated marketing emails, and at the bottom of the search results page. You might even find one in your kitchen cupboard.

Amazon Product Display Ads also run across mobile, desktop AND the Amazon mobile app. This ad type uses an entirely different targeting method than the other types, basing algorithmic visibility on previous products or spheres of interest Amazon has learned a user likes.

How can FGX help you with sponsored products on Amazon?

  1. We’ll get you bang for your buck

We guarantee a strategy that works for your wallet. Anticipate a significant rise in your ROAS (return on ad spend) as you sink in less cash for more conversions. It’s going to feel like you’re printing money.

  1. We’ll take a look under the hood and get to work

Before we even start, we’re taking a deep dive into your existing data to figure out what works and what doesn’t and starting you off on the best foundation possible. Show us what you’ve been up to so that we can course-correct to destination success.

  1. We’ll get the wares in order

If your product listings aren’t optimised, driving traffic to them is like taking your potential customers to the water park, only to figure out it’s closed for maintenance. No fun. We’ll get those listings looking perfect and sales-ready. While we’re at it, we’ll also optimise your SEO to get your organic ranking as high as possible. Because we’re great at that.

  1. We’ll build you a custom Amazon PPC strategy

When we know all there is to know about what you have to offer, we’ll get to work building you a fully-customised, once-off PPC strategy that plays to your strengths as a business while stretching your budget to its maximum traffic and conversion capacity.

  1. We’ll create, maintain and monitor your campaigns 

With the well-researched strategy, we’ll build your ads from creative to set-up and release them to the Amazon audience. They won’t be able to resist the click. Then, we’ll keep a close eye on those campaigns, tweaking them for optimised performance along the way. Once they’re complete, we’ll report back on their success to you, and we’ll start work on the next campaign.

  1. We’ll collaborate in growing your business quickly AND sustainably

You’re about to see fast results but also results that last. FGX has never been a purveyor of “one hit wonder” solutions, and this time around is no different. Your profit and brand awareness will grow, but in such a way that you can leverage their momentum for enhanced scalability and business development. We’re in this for the long haul.

Signs it might be time to hire an Amazon PPC Company

  1. Every time you log in to Amazon Seller Central, the barrage of information on your PPC Ads is so overwhelming that you want to shut your laptop, fling it from a window, and move to Bali.
  2. All the campaigns you have created so far have been spectacular failures. Like, mountain biking in the Grand Prix failures. Whether by ROAS metrics or backend analytics, you’re flopping.
  3. You don’t have a strategy. Going in without a plan is like baking a cake without a recipe, but instead of wasting eggs, you’re popping your money in the oven and setting it on fire.
  4. Nobody’s seeing what you’re offering. Even the best outfit in the world might as well be a lime green morph suit if nobody’s seeing you strut your stuff.
  5. You’ve got PPC campaigns running that are KINDA working, but you think you could push them further. That’s the spirit. The sky is the limit.

You need Amazon PPC services.

We’ve got extensive expertise on paid ads on Amazon and the creative chops to back it up.