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A Tech-transformed Future Awaits us.

If anyone were still sceptical on the part that technology will be playing a critical role in purchasing behaviour in South Africa in the future, the recent surge of online purchasing would have definitely silenced them. Purchasing that’s testing current commerce platforms and structures to the point of failure.

The “new normal” will hopefully be with us soon once all the panic across the globe has subsided (and we’re all hoping for that to be really, really soon…).

Humanity is resilient. During the most trying times in the past, innovation brought us things that have now commonly implemented technology in everyday life. Look at satellite navigation – invented in the 1970s for military use to help guide nuclear weapons with accuracy to enemies’ shores. Or the jet engine – born in the 1940s for use in jet fighters and bombers.

Even digital photography, conceived for spy satellites in the military, now finds itself in our pockets daily, ready to be whipped out in any chance when we encountersomething amusing.

So, what can we look forward to in the future, post-pandemic? We don’t think the technology will necessarily be groundbreaking, but rather the broader adaption of current tech that has been on the fringe of our daily encounters…

Yes, we are looking at AR and VR and its adoption to our everyday life. Besides serving up thrilling encounters of great first-person shooter games, many companies have been implementing this tech into their sales cycle already.

Having read an incitingly interesting article recently of how Barbara Martin, the Chief Digital Officer of IKEA Group, (who has been using AR to showcase their furniture range in your living room with a view through the camera of your cellphone), it’s becoming ever-more evident that these inventions will become the everyday instead of the exception.

So how does this apply to you?

That is a good question, and the answer is staring us in the face – the simple and effective combination of online commerce and the immersive experience of AR and VR in combination. In this “new normal”, the habits learned from this pandemic could become pervasive and leave many shoppers with a preference in e-commerce over facing crowds in a large retail environment.

How are we at FGX embracing this movement?

We have been busy behind the scenes, birthing and integrating technology that is enabling us to create a virtual shopping environment walk-through using the latest in UAV LiDAR technology.

With software integrations and a tech stack completed, we can showcase vacant retail, corporate, and commercial spaces. We can even create a VR world for, say, a large pharmaceutical company to track the shopper entering and navigating the store, with call­­-to-action product placements that can facilitate better purchase decisions.

How long do you think customers will remain satisfied with viewing 2-dimensional products online while they are evaluating their purchase options? Sure, as paper and posters will never completely disappear, they will fade in effectiveness against digital screens, virtual stores, and AR products that can be evaluated in the shopper’s home.

Interested in what we can do for you to future-proof and evolve your commerce offering? Give us a shout and let’s discuss what can be done.