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What’s new with Facebook – Top 3 things to know

Turns out quite a lot, actually. Mark Zuckerberg and his army of software engineers rarely go a calendar month without integrating an important update, or updates, of some kind to their beloved platform. The most drastic in some time being the incorporation of New Facebook on desktop.

By now, you should have experienced it as the option to revert back to ‘old Facebook’ has been removed permanently. So, whether you’re a fan or not, you might as well get used to it because it’s not going away any time soon.

Under this extreme new transformation, came a whole host of other, significant updates that users need to contend within the new offering too – some less exciting than others, but that is an article for another day…

Here’s a look at our Top 3:

  1. Introducing Facebook Business Suite

Facebook has introduced Facebook Business Suite, a separate dashboard for all your linked Facebook and Instagram accounts that permits one to post, send messages, promote, and view insights/analytics all on one centralised platform.

As many of you know already, there are very few social media management tools that provide multi-platform functionality for free, or even at a cost-effective rate. That’s why the introduction of Facebook Business Suite is so exciting! One can now schedule posts to both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously whilst being able to access comparable insights from both platforms. The added bonus? It’s free to use. Winning in 2020? Who would’ve thought…

  1. Auto Inventory Ads

Auto Inventory Ads have been around the block, but finally, Facebook has made some great improvements to them. If you haven’t heard much about these types of ads before – they are specifically designed to target consumers are who are interested in purchasing a vehicle.

For our clients in the automotive sector, this is some really positive news as advertisers can now send traffic directly to a mobile-friendly Facebook shopping experience. Here, potential customers are able to explore vehicle specifications, additional stock, and are even able to contact the dealer directly through a contact method of choice.

  1. New Educational Features introduced

We might have been a little late on this one, having launched in August, but in case you were not aware – Facebook has introduced its new Educational Hub, containing a large number of resources to assist parents, teachers, and students through the educational challenges of the “next-normal”.

According to (Gotter, 2020), these resources are free-of-charge and include:

  • Anti-racism resources
  • Self-care strategies and mental health resources
  • “Get Digital,” a digital literacy program that includes lesson plans, online conversation starters, and online activities for students
  • Group-focused options, including the option to start or find a group of like-minded teachers, students, or parents