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Our new App – Swipe In

Foot traffic is like music to a business owner’s ears. Even online traffic makes us excited because you know you’re meeting your customers’ needs or at least you’re awakening interest in potential clients. Usually, there are measurements in place to provide you with monthly statistical reports so that you can enhance your strategy and take proactive decisions. Just as much as the online world, there’s a digital app to assist in the real world. The world where Covid-19 once seemed like a distant disease, are now part of our daily lives. Your life but also the lives of your business, operations, employees and your customers. We’re introducing the Swipe In App. View App Demo

Keep out covid

As one would generally want to create a safe environment for customers online with secure payment gateways, you also want to create a safe space in-store for them and your employees. One where Covid is kept out with efficient screening and monitoring of all staff and visitors. Online one should also comply with regulations such as having your website SSL certified; tracking in-store visits should furthermore adhere to government’s laws.

Screen temperatures, questionnaire and photos

With a website, you aim to provide your customers with a user-friendly experience with relevant navigation. Now you also need to deliver convenience on-site with simplicity. Where access through checked temperatures and photos streamlines the check-in process, allowing everyone to get back to business smoothly.

Low monthly fee with FREE access for individuals

We’re moving through a rough patch, and you can agree that every single business has taken a solid knock. As businesses, we search for the most cost-effective solutions with value-added benefits to still provide our customers with the best product and service offerings. We realise the struggle; hence, our low monthly fee with free access to the app for multiple users. Based on users’ mobile numbers, the system validates completed questionnaires, and temperatures read.

Tracking all visits

Just like registering an account before purchasing online, this app allows people to register and screen remotely before arriving. It speeds up the process and saves time for recurring visits. Allowing you to track and trace all visits with records safely in the Cloud. The software is designed to flag hazards and recommends further Covid testing.

Detailed digital reports

As we mentioned statistical reports, in the beginning, Swipe In provides anytime detailed reports with online administrative access. Instantly, with a few clicks, records from different companies and divisions are digitally available to you without having to dig up the relevant information through piles of unnecessary paper. Ready for a digital registry for your business during Covid? Get in touch now.