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Meet the Team: Anthony Otte

Co-founder and partner at FGX Studios, we convince him to divulge some information about himself after spiking his water.

What is your call sign?

What do you mean, call sign? Like a road sign, but by a phone?

No, it’s like if you were a fighter pilot, they’d give you a call sign.

Why didn’t you just say nickname?

Well, er…

You’re fired. Security!

But what about my cats, what will they do…

I was just kidding. My “call sign” is Silver Bullet. The rest is obvious.

Like, you kill werewolves?

Something like that.

So they really exist?!

It’s metaphoric.

If you could transform into any animal in the world, you know, like you could totally transform back to human. But you get to moonlight as the animal whenever you want. Like in the moonlight. What would it be?

I’d turn into a unicorn. Because unicorns are all magic and stuff.

Next question. “What’s with the attitude?”

Is that a joke question?

It’s not a joke question.

It sounds like a joke question.

It’s really not a joke question.

Well, then, “the attitude” is because I can be outspoken. Some people could see it as giving attitude. I try to be sensitive about it. But it’s also important to be vocal, and assertive, otherwise things grind to a fault. FGX is about breaking new ground for our clients. And taking names along the way.

If you were convicted of a crime, what would it be?

Haha, hacking or a cybercrime.

Strangely enough, someone connected my computer to an online self-help group called ‘Jerks Anonymous’… I now get their newsletter and invitations to online chats.

I know nothing about that.

Who’s your favourite comic book character, and why?

 Deadpool. That guy is hilarious. Awesome sense of humour.

What’s your favourite movie?

 I enjoy Apocalypse Now. It’s a classic, dark, moody movie. Perfect for 3am Saturday mornings when sleep is not working as it should.

I think I see that movie every Monday in the morning traffic.

You should really use Waze.

Where there’s a way, there’s a Waze! Haha.


What would be the name of your band, if you formed a band?

The Great Anthony Band.

If you could meet anyone in History, who would it be?

 Marilyn Monroe. She had some serious personality.

What do you love most about FGX?

 I like it the way people talk and work together to come up with better solutions for clients. It’s inspiring to see how we pull together to get the job done. Mostly, I like the diversity of characters here, which brings out each other’s strengths. We’re all special in our own way.

Who in the world really inspires you?

Richard Brautigan, the American novelist. I love his view on life. Looking through his eyes helps things make a little more sense. Maybe one day I can get an eye transplant. Medical science is evolving fast…

What would you say is your greatest strength?

Eternal optimism. Things can always improve with enough effort. There is no shortage of effort either, we all have it in us.

What gets you up in the morning?

To try and make a difference. Every day you get to leave an impact on something, some job, client, someone.

What country would you most like to visit and why?

Sweden. I love 90% of their music. I think there’s something in the air there.

Don’t they have Northern Lights? I heard they have Northern Lights. Maybe it’s Northern Lights.

Er. Something like that. Possibly.

If you had one super power, what would it be?

More hours in the day is the goal. Bending time is the solution.

We could call you “Relativity Man”!

 You could call me that Generally, yes.

Who do you love more than anything in the world and why?

Inspirational leaders, like the Dali Lama. That guy is deep and speaks sense. No bull.

Not your wife? Does your wife know this?

My wife must never know. Come here, I want to show you something.

Um. What makes you special?

My tenacity. It makes a great combo with optimism and ensures I keep trying.

Lastly, what comes to mind when you look at this inkblot?

Inner reflection, looks like a rabbit doing a self-assessment. It’s good to take a step back sometimes and see things from someone else’s perspective. Check that you’re not being a…

A jerk?

Something like that.

Will you put down the letter opener now?