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An improved search box within the search results

Google’s Webmaster has a new improved site links search box which will make it easier for users to reach specific content on their sites, directly through their site-search pages.

What’s this search box and when does it appear on your site?
When you search for a company by its name for example, (FGX Studios) your objective is to come up with something exact on that website. A while back, when Webmaster’s algorithms picked this, they would show a larger set of site links and an additional search box below that search result, which enabled users conduct site searches over the site direct from the results. But right now the search box is now more important (above the links), it supports Auto complete, and it will send you directly to your website’s own search pages if you employ the right mark up.

Here’s how to mark up your site
To manage mark up for your site, you must have a working site-specific search engine for your site. But you can inform Webmaster by marking up your homepage as a entity with the pontentialAction property of Action markup, you can only do this if you already have a website. Apart from that, you can make use of JSON-LD, microdata, or RDFa. Users will have the capacity to jump straight from the site links search box to your site’s search results page if you implement the markup on your site.

Mariya Moeva, a Webmaster Trends Analyst and Kaylin Spitz Software Engineer said, “If we don’t find any markup, we’ll show them a Google search results page for the corresponding site: query, as we’ve done until now. As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask in our Webmaster help Forum.”