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Benefits of Having A Blog site

A well written review or article on a good news blog can attract visitors from search engines. Your blog can rank for a number of keywords that your website does not rank for.

New visitors drawn to your blog through these keywords can be directed to your website, therefore increasing your business footprint, reach and awareness.

  • Having a blog allows you to add new content to it regularly. New content not only keeps the blog fresh but also the entire website, and freshness is a very important factor when it comes to deciding the search engine rankings of websites. Most importantly, when readers add comments, the freshness of your website improves as Google considers comments to be content.
  • Every blog post is a new webpage that allows your website to have numerous webpages that increases the total webpage count. You can place links from your blog posts to important sections and pages of your website, which is a great link building process. You can improve the search ranking of your website by increasing the number of such internal links.
  • People who have navigated to your blog posts are more likely to go to your website too. The seamless look of the blog and the website also makes it more appealing to visitors.