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Updates: Deep-linking of Android Apps for Best Search Results.

Google Webmaster Tools enabled 20+ additional applications which can be used by users, to identify app deep links in Search Results following their announcement regarding guidelines for App Indexing.

The giant search engine is making strides of keeping onboard more publishers in all languages. Users who haven’t added deep link support on their Android app or specified these links on their website or in Sitemaps should do so now.

Meanwhile, users should take into consideration practices outlined below when adding deep links to their sitemap or website:

  • Only include App deep links for canonical web URLs
  • Always remember to spell out an app deep link for your homepage
  • Not all website URLs in a Sitemap require a corresponding app deep link. Do not include app deep links that aren’t supported by your app
  • If you own news site and use News Sitemaps, just make sure you include your deep link annotations in the News Sitemaps including your general Sitemaps.
  • Don’t offer annotations for deep links that execute native ARM code; this allows app indexing to work on all platforms.

Your app will have to make HTTP requests that it usually makes under normal operation then moment Google indexes content from your app; such requests will show on your serves as originating from Googlebot. As such, your server’s robots.txt file must be properly configured to enable these requests.

Lastly, you should find out if the back button behavior of your app guides you back to the search results page.