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A faster image search

Browsing for images on Google can be more challenging owing to poor search experience on the part of users who want to browse through many images, looking both at the images and their metadata. But the giant search engine redesigned Google Images to offer a better search experience; this as made possible based on feedback from both users and webmasters thus image results are now displayed in an inline panel.

As such, this form of panel enables users to quickly flip through a set of images by suing the keyboard, if a user wishes to revert to browsing other search results, they can just scroll down and pick right where they left off.

What does this mean for webmasters?

 It means that Google is now displaying comprehensive information regarding the image (the metadata) right underneath the image in the search results, instead of redirecting users to a separate landing page. The giant search engine has featured key information and this is found right next to the image: the title of the page hosting the image, the domain name it comes from and the size of the image. Google has enabled users to click the domain name and it has also added a new button to visit the page where the image is hosted on. What this entails for webmasters is that there are now four clickable targets to the source of the page instead of just two. In their tests, Google realized a net increase in the average click-through rate to the hosting website.

Webmasters will also realize that the source page will no longer load up in an iframe in the background of the image detail view, such a changes has an effect on users – it speeds up their experience, trim down the load on the source website’s servers and progresses the accuracy of webmaster metrics such as pageviews. Image search query data can be accessed in Top Search Queries in Webmaster Tools.