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What is Off-Page SEO

Unlike on-page optimization, off-page optimization is the process adopted by online marketers and companies to optimize the webpages of their websites for search engines off the website.

Link building is the perfect example of off-page SEO where marketers try to get as many high-quality inbound links as they can to their website. These inbound links indicate that other websites consider your website to be a good source of information. The number of backlinks or inbound links is a very important factor in deciding the search engine ranking of the website.

This is why, many marketers often focus all their efforts on off-page search engine optimization instead of on-page optimization. Getting backlinks from a wide variety of websites, deep linking or the process of getting backlinks from multiple webpages to many webpages and getting links from high-quality and popular websites are some good off-page optimization methods. It needs to be kept in mind that reciprocal links is not a good off-page SEO practice and that getting one-way inbound links is a much better option.

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