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Pioneer App

Pioneer® is the world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. For more than 90 years, Pioneer® has developed and tested products to meet local agricultural needs.

The new South African Pioneer® App was designed with the farmer in mind. The app also ensures company sales representatives are equipped with the correct information, technology, and communication to successfully connect with their clients.

Registered users have access to the latest products, management tools, and Pioneer® Agronomy trials and research. Ultimately, aimed to aid farming operations in reaching a new level of performance and helping farmers maximize yields

Swipe In App

With Covid-19 making its way into all aspects of our lives FGX saw the opportunity to design and develop a digital sign-in registry app created to keep Covid-19 out of your place of business.

The government regulation put in place for the re-opening of businesses requires that the screening and temperature monitoring of all entrants to an organisation are mandatory. Swipe In streamlines the process with a brief questionnaire and easy-to-use interface.

Swipe In makes the tedious and unhygienic method of the paper registry process quicker, easier, more efficient, and lower in risk.

Benefits of using this app:

  • Easy screening process.
  • Covid-19 Department of Labour compliant.
  • Effective reporting management.
  • Less hassle, more efficiency.
  • Free visitor application for screening.

City Lodge Hotel Group (CLHG)

City Lodge Hotel Group has a variety of hotels dedicated to providing its guest with comfort and convenience. From basic, functional rooms to magnificent luxury studios, the group have the range and experience to provide their guests brilliant service, and accommodation.

The City Lodge Hotel Group (CLHG) application is designed to make hotel booking simple and accessible. Their aim is to supply their guests with the the best and most efficient service – how better to do that than via a specifically designed app.

The app includes the following functions:

  • Make and manage bookings promptly.
  • Self check-in.
  • Account management.
  • View amenities within each hotel.
  • View attractions in the area the guests are travelling to.
  • Take advantage of specials.
  • Keep up to date with guest rewards.
  • View in-hotel menu.
  • Provide a rating on their stay.