Who We Are

We have stood,
the test of time,
and learned everything about digital.


Technology remains the backbone of our business.


We build our own software.

We like to work smart, as well as hard and where we see an opportunity to improve – we take it. We build tools not only for our clients, but to help us work more efficiently too.


High ROI excites us.

When our clients do well, then so do we at FGX. This is why we still have clients on our books that have been on this digital journey with us since 2001…


Intelligent web applications.

We specialise in developing custom and intelligent online platforms, which can help you reach and communicate to your audience effectively.


Engaging experiences.

We supply you with the tools and marketing partnership that build your business and creates engaging online experiences for your clients.


We build things for people.

We understand people on a personal level. Their motivations, drives and even emotions that form when a brand becomes part of their life. Adding value to this equation makes all the difference.

Smirk Brand
Dr Swiss

Some highlights.


35 Good looking individuals.

We employ the best of the best, a young passionate group that excel in all they do.


We create 610 unique content pieces for our much loved clients every month.

We spend a lot of time crafting quality content, because quality content is always vogue.


20+ Years old.

Fact, when we started HTML background colours on a page was a new thing…


We reach more than 1.3 million people each month, and that's just counting social media.

This amazing reach also generates amazing results with over 1.1 million likes…

The guys to meet

Our key players.

Working as a team

We believe that people are essential.

True Omni-Channel digital makes the difference.

Rather than working in parallel, communication channels and and your supporting platforms should be designed to work in unison for higher client engagement – reaching your audience where they choose to spend their time.

In past years companies could afford to split their focus and channels between multiple suppliers, we think gives way to inefficiencies and lack of accountability from suppliers.

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