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Creating positive online brand experiences leads to loyal customers. If effectively managed, your online presence has the power to win new customers, reinforce your relationship with your existing customers, inspire referrals and manage your reputation well in today’s very public and real time brand communication arena.

Social media is the connective tissue of society, and what connects you with your customers. For your brand to perform in the online sphere, FGX Engage offers auditing of your social presence. Based on the audit we make recommendations for expanding your digital footprint in ways that support your business objectives. We offer online community management, content creation, content curation, analysis of social engagement and ongoing consultation to optimise results. Inspire your client base with ongoing top of mind campaigns, that will have them coming back for more.

Digital Marketing Strategy


Know your clients. What drives them, what fuels them and what makes them tick.


Customise your approach based on your target market. Speak to them in their language, their tone...


Get your customers involved with your brand, interacting and communicating.


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The Social Media Landscape

With the progressive nature of retail and social media, the link between function, interaction and information can now be blended, to assist in driving action from users across all digital platforms. An excellent example of this is the Mall of Africa Facebook page- a page that is dedicated to the branding of the mall, and not just tenant promotions that are the same across all Mall’s throughout South Africa.

The Mall of Africa Facebook page is dedicated to showcasing new, unique, and strategic content, with every piece of content mapped and structured to drive the business objectives of the centre. With an Always On Online Media strategy to support, supplement and target relevant users, the Mall of Africa Facebook Page reaches, on average, 14 million users per month (Total). When compared to competitors, our Engagement Rate is nearly 5 x higher than that of other super regionals, further proving that Social Media is in fact a business tool that drives successes, when used effectively. Social Media drives an excess of 20% of all traffic to the Mall of Africa website and Blog, and over 6% of all Mall of Africa users take an action, according to the objectives.

With the inclusion of a Blog, Mall of Africa is reaping the additional benefits of driving users to their platforms, whilst also adding new pages to the website on a weekly basis. This drives the Search Engine Optimisation of Mall of Africa, creating more inbound and outbound links, stronger keyword focus, a broader range of influence across digital, and a higher Domain Authority through the eyes of Google. Currently, the Mall of Africa blog is performing much higher than Industry Benchmarks, with only a 3% Bounce Rate on the site.

Representing Your Brand

FGX is able to deliver:

  • Strategic Content Mapping
  • Content Production and Development
  • Content Dissemination and Scheduling
  • Community Management and Complaint Escalation
  • Online Reputation Management of all mentions of your brand across all digital platforms
  • Blog Creation and Set Up
  • Blog Article Creation
  • Blog Article Search Engine Optimisation
  • Strategic Online Media Mapping
  • Online Media Creative, Targeting and Segmentation

FGX offers a full suite of Reporting Analytics, which are comparatively structures to showcase your performance according to Industry benchmarks and best practice.

Case Studies & Work


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"The work that FGX have done for us in developing the ISASA School Finder website has been of the highest quality, not just with regard to the conceptualisation and excellent design of the site, but also in the willingness to adjust, adapt and refine the site to meet operational requirements."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA

"Redhill School initially contacted FGX to create our new website. The product was such a success, and the working relationship such a pleasure that we asked them to also create an integrated school management system for us. The result was School Ignition, and it was much more than we anticipated."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA
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