With 15 years of experience in retail digital we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements shopping centres face in the digital age.

Managing a shopping centre information, is made easy with Shopping Centred, a retail purpose built CMS, CRM and communication gate way.

Shopping Centred

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Shopping Centred


With user access from shoppers, stores, chain stores and marketing managers, Shopping Centred allows all mall’s information to be broadcast over any digital channel, be it display screens, mobile apps, website or any other platform, allowing for the seamless and real-time updating of critical information.

From a Consumer side, Shopping Centred will allow Shoppers to traverse the digital properties of your centre, without experiencing a loss, or difference, in experience, through the use of integrated databases, With the ability to sign in from multiple digital assets, such as websites, social media, and apps, shoppers will be able to enjoy the convenience and ease of an omnichannel strategy, with easy profile management, product and store interests, and Shopper preferences, whilst browsing and engaging with their favourite centres, and all their offerings.

This also allows for innovative segmentation possibilities, whereby a shopper can be targeted with strategic insight, and relevant content. Using data and platform capabilities from a multitude of digital platforms, your shopper will experience a cohesive, concise and convenient shopper journey.

Built with the understanding that digital is an adaptive, and tempestuous industry, the Shopping Centred platform is able to integrate with multiple systems and functionalities, allowing a unique and differentiated offering from Mall to Mall. With broad analytical reports available to property owners, data can be stores and shared though secure authenticated API’s, and is adaptive to your needs and monthly requirements. Bring all your digital platforms together, with Shopping Centred.

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FGX Studios Testimonials

The work that FGX have done for us in developing the ISASA School Finder website has been of the highest quality, not just with regard to the conceptualisation and excellent design of the site, but also in the willingness to adjust,
adapt, and refine the site to meet operational requirements.

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA

FGX Studios Testimonials

Redhill School initially contacted FGX to create our new website. The product was such a success, and the working relationship such a pleasure that we asked them to also create an integrated school management system for us. The result was School Ignition, and it was much more than we anticipated.

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA