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Technology: best practise and platforms.Technology: best practise
and platforms.

It's no secret, the future of retail is online...

Statistical fact

South Africa has always been slower on the uptake than the global markets. It’s a good thing if you think about it. How so? Well, we have the fortunate position to look into the future in terms of the evolution in technology, a couple of years before it hits our shores.

ZA growth in commerce is (or should we say was) about 20 – 35% annually with some slow adopters lagging behind.

A huge surge in technology

Thrust into
working remotely and shopping online.

Thanks to the local lock-down in ZA, many reluctant online shoppers have ventured to make their first purchase online, and guess what, they will keep shopping online…

Some stores we created include:

E-commerce ACSA
E-commerce ASDI
E-commerce CLHG
E-commerce DrSwiss
E-commerce Smirk

This is your sign

Let's get you
selling online
right away.

FGX can help you set up shop online. We have developed a comprehensive content management system to help you to upload, update, and sell products. We also provide safe gateway payment with SSL for ease of mind.

But where the real value-add comes in: we can also provide you with strategic insights and advice to make your online store a success.

e commerce laptop

Ecommerce Development

Business Growth
Through Commerce

The online shopping revolution is alive, is your business ready? It is said that the online sales will grow at triple the speed as in-store sales between now and 2023.

If you’re a business owner who wants to make the shift to sell your products online, or you have been selling online but looking for better results, we want to congratulate you on coming to the right place.

Your eCommerce Identity

We know the importance of growing your business through an eCommerce store. To attract more clients and sell more, you need an eCommerce platform that is as functional as it is appealing to shop on. Not only should your online shop have its own identity, it needs to have an interface that makes the shopping process simple for your customers, with features that will engage them more into making purchases.

eCcommerce in South Africa has never been as popular as it is now. Thanks to Covid-19, even slow adopters have ventured online and placed their first order. To thrive in the competitive market today, you need a dedicated eCommerce development service s that can create an online store that can stand out from the crowd. Enter FGX Studios.

Why choose FGX as your
eCommerce web development

Partnering with the right eCommerce service provider is crucial if you want to accelerate your digital transformation and meet your business goals. Our eCommerce website development services are unmatched and unparalleled.

FGX can help you set up shop online, easily. We have variety of ecommerce packages available and we have developed a comprehensive content management system to help you to upload, update, and sell products. We also provide safe gateway payment with SSL for ease of mind. But where the real value-add comes in: we can also provide you with strategic insights and advice to make your online store a success.

With us, you won’t be just another online store. We will help you become the online store through creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers. We’re able to do everything from integrating payment gateways to adding and managing your inventory. We work with our clients, and not just for them, in so making sure that a fully functional website that exceeds their expectations is received. Our experienced team will always be available to attend to queries or to lend a technical hand.

When it comes to shopping online, your customer will expect no less than excellence, and we’re able to provide it for them in functionality, usability, and security, because when we say full-service, we mean it.

experts 2

Web and Mobile

Commerce development that converts
leads into customers

The way in which your eCommerce business is built, can be the difference between converting sales and merely having page visitors. You want a good conversion rate. Our in-depth understanding of what drives growth in in online retail shopping is what sets us apart. We craft user-friendly online shops that has visitors filling the shopping carts, and subsequently checking out with payment.

We also realise that South Africa is a “mobile first” economy with mobile web sales growing daily. Therefore, we don’t underestimate the importance of mobile optimisation. In fact, we prioritise it.

So, with our skills and extensive knowledge, combined with your vision of ideals, our team will be able build your dream online shopping website that will unlock the true potential of your online business.

We Do

development that
is designed around
your company

One size doesn’t fit all. As a leading South African eCommerce development agency, we will help you build a fully customised online store that is designed around your company’s specific needs.

With a variety of eCommerce packages available, we can help you fully unlock your business’s potential with custom eCommerce development services that will meet all your requirements and appeal to the target market.


In ecommerce platform design -
build your shop today

The future of retail is online and there isn’t a better time to set your online shop up than right now. Our track record shows our expertise across the countless clients which we’ve helped launch their eCommerce websites in a timely manner. Our most recent eCommerce stores include: – premium quality face masks, for the COVID-19 pandemic. – premium CBD oil. – City Lodge Hotel Group. – Australian Skills Development institute.

If you want your online business to match the successes of these projects we’ve done, get in touch with us and let’s provide you with eCommerce development services within your budget.

e commerce

Grow your retail business

With our full-service
eCommerce Solutions

Creative Impact

With the vast selection of eCommerce platforms available, it can be daunting deciding on which is the best for you. In providing world-class eCommerce development services over the years, our eCommerce development expertise is not restricted to any one platform. We can help build your online store across any platform, whether it’s Shopify, Drupal, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or any other eCommerce platform.

The right platform for your business will ultimately come down to the type of business you have, the specific needs and requirements, as well as the goals you would like to achieve. We can provide you with strategic insights and advice to make your online store a success.

Payment Gateway

The payment gateway of an online shop is the key to secure eCommerce. We’re able to securely integrate any payment gateway of your preference. This includes PayPal, PayFast, Peach Payments and SagePay, amongst many others. If you’re unsure, we’ll happily help you compare all the options and make your decision based on the factors that are most important to you.

Insights and know-how

Leverage your platforms
to sell more.

People prefer online shopping to avoid physical contact.

E-commerce is now a norm.

Fact is the world has changed, and even after Covid-19 has come and gone, things will be different – the ‘new normal’ as it’s know is here to stay. People are less likely to venture out now, work from home is now an accepted norm, so is shopping online.

It's the age of the homebody economy.

Home life has taken on a new significant meaning. Families are spending more time in home, shopping less in retail stores and frequenting the online store in much higher numbers than ever before.

Fortify new client relationships.

Brands are scrambling to fortify new shopper relationships with the influx of visitors making more purchases online. It’s not just about the once off sale, it’s about the digital journey that creates a return customer. Let us help you build that ecosystem that will mean repeat purchases into the future.