Building Solutions to Common Problems

We believe in being the solution to a problem. We see opportunity to do things better, more efficiently and precise the first time around. We build solutions to problems in the digital industry and make these tools available to our clients. Some of our products include:

Shopping Centred

With 15 years of experience in retail digital we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements shopping centres face in the digital age. Managing shopping centre information is made easy with Shopping Centred, a retail purpose built CMS, CRM and communication gateway, built and innovated on the insights and longstanding successes of Mallguide.

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SoMogul Social loyalty


Building your Fan Base has never been more important. Consolidating, understanding, listening to and rewarding your fan or client base has become a reality with the boom of various Social Media Channels. Why not make use of SoMogul to build your community, involve them and reward them for spreading the word about your brand, and interacting with you on a daily basis.

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CMS Ignition

CMS Ignition

Oftentimes - and to your surprise - you may find that functionality which allows you to do updates or edits whenever you like as frequently as you like works our far more efficient and cost effective than tasking out maintenance operations to a website studio. Our custom built CMS allows for simple and complex tasks, as well as any current and future integration.

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BVulk Email and SMS Seding

Communication Ignition

Consider this for a moment... What is an inbox? It brings you reminders, special offers, and advertisements. You personally can control what you want and don't. Keep or trash. It's practical, fast, easy, cheap and open 24/7.

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