Manage Your Content with Ease

Ask yourself: "How often do I need to change things on my website and what's the best way to go about it?" The level of Client involvement and access to the systems varies according to needs analysis, brief and budget. Oftentimes - and to your surprise - you may find that functionality which allows you to do updates or edits whenever you like as frequently as you like works our far more efficient and cost effective than tasking out maintenance operations to a website studio.

Modular Ease

CMS Ignition

ABOUT CMS Ignition

CMS Ignition is essentially a robust, flexible and portable Content Management System (CMS) developed by FGX Studios to service the requirements of the Web Development industry.

With 10 years of web development savvy, some genius heavyweight web programmers and years of development we have created a tried and tested CMS that is as flexible as it is diverse. Make everyday online requirements available on your website by selecting different functionality Modules in isolation, or combine different modules to enhance functionality to run and maintain complex requirements.

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