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The Right Mobile Solution

It's no secret that Mobile device adoption is on the increase both globally and locally. Projections on the web access from Mobile devices are simply staggering, changing the way people are engaging with you and searching for your content. How are you planning and catering for this growth in the market?

A common misconception is that one approach on Mobile will meet and satisfy all your objectives, this is not always the case. When looking and planning Mobile development there are a couple of questions you should be asking yourself: "What market segment (LSM) are you trying to cater for?"; "What device are they most likely to use when interacting with you?" and "What Mobi Development would suit your needs best?"

Meeting Your Onjectives


The web is going mobile, so should your content. Optimising your platforms to speak the language of the user, no matter what device they access your information from.


With iOS and Android native app development, you can communicate directly to your clients. Providing them tools to improve their brand experience.


Mobi specific development strips the unnecessary clutter from pages, optimises content for your finger locations and actions to drive faster and more effective conversions.


Years Experience


Passionate Developers


% Retail Market


% Corporate Market

Mobile First Development

Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and relevant to the terms searched for by visitors, basically proposing the best matched content to your search.

This is a mission that they are succeeding at, and one which you should make part of your SEO efforts, should you desire to have long term gains on any of the major search engines. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing, of over optimised content and link farms that saw many leading companies suffering sharp listing declines after the implementation of Google algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda. The good news, however, is that good old content has again won the day, ensuring your searches are met with current, relevant and popular reading material.

Reaching a Mobile Market

The science of creating, publishing and marketing content is not a one size fits all approach. Rather, sophisticated merging of traditional marketing with an emphasis on branding, story telling and user engagement still proves to be the best single approach to increased organic listings. Combined with link building, campaigns, Social Media talkability and public sentiment we can promote your SEO efforts to rise above the masses. Interested in getting some phenomenal SEO results?

"The work that FGX have done for us in developing the ISASA School Finder website has been of the highest quality, not just with regard to the conceptualisation and excellent design of the site, but also in the willingness to adjust, adapt and refine the site to meet operational requirements."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA

"Redhill School initially contacted FGX to create our new website. The product was such a success, and the working relationship such a pleasure that we asked them to also create an integrated school management system for us. The result was School Ignition, and it was much more than we anticipated."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA
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