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The importance of improving customer experience and site usability can't be over-emphasized. The constant need for information has seen more and more users flock to their mobiles for on-the-go solutions, resulting in a growing percentage of web traffic.

Giving users a platform where they feel comfortable browsing their phones is essential. Why? Well if your audience can't find what they're looking for you might lose out on a potential sale. Keeping this in mind, we design and build responsive mobile designs to help take your audience on a user-friendly journey through the site. Customer journey and customer experience are what makes brands succeed and our mobile responsive solution is the foundation upon which all experience occurs.

Meeting Your Onjectives


The web is going mobile, so should your content. Optimising your platforms to speak the language of the user, no matter what device they access your information from.


With iOS and Android native app development, you can communicate directly to your clients. Providing them tools to improve their brand experience.


Mobi specific development strips the unnecessary clutter from pages, optimises content for your finger locations and actions to drive faster and more effective conversions.


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We tackle mobile development by presenting your audience with a platform that automatically adapts to the content that they want, within the context that they're viewing it. Our main objective is to give your audience the best experience possible, without forcing them to adapt themselves. Mobile responsiveness is all about presenting your audience with layout and/or content that adapts based on the screen of the device that it's viewed on. Our websites are designed, built and tested to give your audience the best widescreen desktop monitor, the smaller desktop (or laptop), the tablet and the mobile phone view, to suit their busy lifestyles and preferences.

So why do you need a responsive design

• Don't be unresponsive to responsive web design. If your audience can't navigate your site, they might go looking for the information somewhere else.
• A responsive website automatically changes to fit the dimensions of the device.
• Page loading times are faster.
• A responsive website has all the functions, links and access points of a normal website condensed into a mobile-friendly version.
• It's the modern-day essential for promoting brand awareness and getting utilised by your audience.
• Responsive designs are typically rewarded by Google, resulting in better search engine rankings.

"The work that FGX have done for us in developing the ISASA School Finder website has been of the highest quality, not just with regard to the conceptualisation and excellent design of the site, but also in the willingness to adjust, adapt and refine the site to meet operational requirements."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA

"Redhill School initially contacted FGX to create our new website. The product was such a success, and the working relationship such a pleasure that we asked them to also create an integrated school management system for us. The result was School Ignition, and it was much more than we anticipated."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA
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