The importance of improving customer experience and site usability can't be over-emphasised. The constant need for information has seen more and more users flock to their Mobiles for on-the-go solutions, resulting in a growing percentage of web traffic.

Giving users a platform where they feel comfortable browsing their phones is essential. Why? Well, if your audience can't find what they're looking for, you might lose out on a potential sale. Keeping this in mind, we design and build responsive Mobile designs to help take your audience on a user-friendly journey through the site. Customer journey and customer experience are what make brands succeed. Which is why our Mobile responsive solution is the foundation upon which all experience occurs.

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The web is going Mobile, so should your content. Optimising your platforms to speak the language of the user, no matter what device they access your information from, is key to your business' success.

We specialise in all manner of content, and can provide it for any platform, including Mobile.


With iOS and Android native app development, you can communicate directly to your clients. We’ll provide them with the tools they need to improve their experience.

Easy enough, considering our developers are skilled at all forms of coding, and making apps is a cinch to us.

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Mobi specific development strips the unnecessary clutter from pages, optimises content for your finger locations and actions to drive faster and more effective conversions.

Our web developers are multilingual. Both literally, and in the sense that they can speak both Desktop and Mobile design fluently.

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FGX Studios Testimonials

FGX performed successful digital and social media campaign conceptualisation and management for many of our retail establishment clients.

Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing

FGX Studios Testimonials

FGX assisted the Marketing Team with conceptualising and executing integrated digital and social media campaigns. All services and campaigns have great tracking, and reporting functionality included.

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