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Twitter Music Review

Twitter recently got into the game of promoting new music, with the release of their Twitter Music app.  Originally designed as a way to “change the way people find music”, how has it been stacking up since release?

As of the day of this review, it just fell out of the top 100 apps list in the Apple store.  We wonder if this is perhaps due to the fact that the app doesn’t seem to use any genuinely new technology that could help people to actually discover new music.

Instead, the app seems to be built entirely around two channels for music promotion: good old chart lists, and recommendations from those in your social media circle.  Frankly, we are not sure how the repackaging of the oldest forms of music promotion available will revolutionize anything.

That said, the app itself is well programmed, with a slick interface, and a modern look.  There is an impressive emphasis on the profile of the artist, which is nice.

Additionally, the app has the potential to connect directly with other services (for an additional fee) such as Spotify and Rdio, to be able to stream live music directly to your wireless device.

So what is the verdict?  Twitter Music seems to be an extremely well-produced, app, but certainly not an innovator of any sort.  You may want to look into it, particularly if you are very well connected on Twitter, and want to use the social media functions.