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Introducing Swipe In

You don’t need 20/20 vision to be able to see how much the world has changed in a matter of only a few months. And we believe that where there is change, there is opportunity.

Unless you’ve solidly been living in lockdown, you would have noticed that most places you visit require a COVID-screening with a temperature check upon your entry to them.

In order to conduct business, the South African government implemented new regulations that require each person entering a place of business, must be screened and temperature monitored before their entry. This is in attempt to take count of the infection-rate of the coronavirus, and ultimately, to curb the spread of it.

The initial go-to method for this is primitive: pens, paper, clipboards, and a registry to fill in by hand. Not only is this awkward, slow, and trying, but it increases the risk of spreading. And with most things, there’s a better way to do it – digitally, of course.

The Digital Way

The all-new, all-digital access system created by FGX Studios to enable your staff and guests to enter your place of business easily, conveniently, and professionally. It’s a cost-effective digital solution to an analogical problem. A simple, but effective admission system created to not just track and trace staff and visitors inside the workplace, but to keep COVID out of it.

The app that we’ve created allows business- and building owners to easily screen guests, and subsequently, deal with high-risk individuals who are flagged for symptoms. Entrants sign in digitally with a brief questionnaire upon their entry, with the added option for daily staff, or regular visitors, to complete the survey even before their arrival by simply making use of the mobile app installed on their phones. On arrival at these individuals are authenticated and able to skip the on-site questionnaire – saving time and evading possible crowding in your reception area.

Compatible with any tablet, on iOS as well as Android, Swipe In removes the need for thermal cameras, making it a much more cost-effective COVID-screening solution for businesses. All the information, including temperature readings and questionnaire answers, are stored online on a secure database, that is easily accessible to the business or owner, ensuring that you will always have your finger on the pulse of your entry control. And all you need is a device or tablet with an internet connection.

In creating Swipe In, we believe that we provide a simple solution to a common problem. By our forward-thinking attitude, we’re eliminating the daily frustration that is tedious screening, for many.

If you have your own app-based solution to a common problem, big or small, simple, or complex, do get in touch with us and let’s talk about it!

Find out more about Swipe In here.