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Introducing Trash Can: Data Recovery in Google Analytics

Recovering crucial information which has been accidentally deleted from Google analytics has been a non starter but fortunately Google analytics recently introduced a new feature that allows users to provide a safety net each time they delete a view, property or account from their Google Analytics account, the Trash can.

How does it work?
A user should simply go to the administration tab, choose an account, and click the Trash Can feature which is positioned on the left hand panel thereby looking for what you want to restore. To reclaim lost information, a user should click “Restore” and your view property or account will look just the same as it was before you deleted it. Unfortunately this cannot be done on information which is 35 days old considering the fact that data gets removed from the Trash can after this period and will no longer be found there.

This new facility will be functional in all Google Analytics accounts in the coming weeks but consumers need not to worry because anything they delete from today onwards can be found in the Trash can the moment the feature is updated in their account.

The trash Can is essential to many business people who rely on Google Analytics to collect, analyze and report on data with the thrust of making good business decisions.