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Google Now: The Virtual Assistant

Technology has just become a little more stalker-like.

Google Now is the latest application from Google that just made its debut on recently on IOS. It was launched during Google’s annual developers conference that took place last year, but was only available on a limited number of devices.

Google Now is a handy service that collects a range of information about you and your activity from things like your search history, your calendar, your e-mail, web services you may be signed on to, locations and so forth, then uses the information it has gathered to show you relevant information to what you are doing or where you may be located at that specific moment.

What it’s best for is that although you would be able to get all of this information yourself, the service does it all for you which saves you the time of having to find all the relevant information. You just look at your screen and it’s there, all tailored and done for you. Think of it as a virtual assistant.

It is especially handy when travelling, for it lets you know information about your flights, information about the weather, the traffic and of tourist sites of the destination you’re visiting.

See more about the application here or you download directly from apple or google play.