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Your business shouldn’t be scared of social media. – FGX Academy

Modern marketing has evolved over time and become quite an intricate terrain. Contemporary marketers suddenly have to get to grips with a number of tools which were never available before and the prospective consumer market has never been this busy. The onset of the techno age meant simplified tasks and an easier life; giving many with ample time to do the things that often fall by the wayside. Unlike the olden days, modern-day marketers are faced with a dilemma: shorter consumer time spans means, marketers are suddenly faced with having to do so much in so little time.
In current times, marketers no longer have the luxury of having the consumer’s undivided attention. All what you do, as a marketer needs to get straight to the point, and address a fundamental question: How is this product or service relevant to me?

Most individuals go through a process when going to buy a new product. As a marketer, you want to attract, and get a potential customer’s attention and get them interested, then you need to create a desire by showing how useful the product is, which should be followed by encouraging an action – depending on the product or service, this could mean getting the consumer to buy a product or sign up or subscribe to a newsletter.

In times gone by, if one wanted more information on a certain service or product, they would have to trawl the website or collect brochures and do some intense amounts of reading. Today, there is no time for that from consumer perspective. Information is needed and wanted fast. Perhaps this scenario poses the question,What is the solution? Animated videos that last on average about a minute, explaining your product and service and why it is useful. An affordable exercise is an animated explainer video, as this format serves a number of functions that can be utilised in the marketing mix. Your video can be placed wherever you think it will have the most impact; if it’s on your website, it needs to be positioned prominently – front and centre on your homepage is a good place to start! People will want to know what the video is about, and be prompted to play. Your website and your video must support each other. Make sure what is said in the video is found on the website somewhere. Consumers will gladly click a button or send an email at the end of the video if the website is built around it.
In a few words, your video is no longer just a video, but has become the star of the show, and together with your website, can work amazingly well together in increasing your exposure.