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In a digital world, your shop front never closes. People are searching for, and engaging with products and services 24/7. You need to be there to meet them. An online brand strategy is a road map to take your business right to your customers in their homes, on their sofas, through your owned media channels (your website, social media, articles and blogs, videos, etc.)

Brand has become surrogate for value, and the value that brands offer online is one of the biggest differentiating factors. Your unique selling point is your value proposition. An online brand strategy is the primary avenue for allowing your brand to connect with customers through an informal and helpful value-add. The days marketing trickery are over. Smart brands exceed customer expectation. Give back. Foster trust. Measure it...


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Digital is Changing...

Its commonly know that digital moves fast. Many case studies that were best practice five years ago are now long outdated, which is why its important to keep up to date with the latest changes in the industry, or risk being left behind. FGX continuously finds the best ways to stay ahead through big trends and predict the way the market is going. Although it is impossible to predict the future 100%, it is possible to extrapolate the direction of travel by analysing current trends.

The Value of Owned Platforms

While the strategies are different, the goal is the same — to generate awareness and engagement. Paid and earned get most of the attention, but the new battleground is going to be owned media. Brands that want to get ahead, and stay ahead, need to rethink their owned media strategy. At the risk of oversimplifying, paid media is advertising and sponsorships, while earned media is public relations and word-of-mouth. Companies either pay to deliver content to an audience or try to earn coverage and exposure from influencers. In contrast, owned media is anything under companies’ direct control such as websites, newsletters, catalogs, and blogs.

"The work that FGX have done for us in developing the ISASA School Finder website has been of the highest quality, not just with regard to the conceptualisation and excellent design of the site, but also in the willingness to adjust, adapt and refine the site to meet operational requirements."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA

"Redhill School initially contacted FGX to create our new website. The product was such a success, and the working relationship such a pleasure that we asked them to also create an integrated school management system for us. The result was School Ignition, and it was much more than we anticipated."

David Lea - Independent Schools Association of SA
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