At FGX Studios*, we understand that the best way to engage with customers or users is to grab their attention and then make them think and take action. The most sustainable and stable way to do this is through a solid content strategy and implementation routine, boosted by digital campaigns and online activations – whether those be via your website, mobisite, blog, Facebook Page, Twitter, or a combination of these and other relevant platforms.

We are dedicated to producing the highest quality content available – the kind of stuff that keeps the your brand’s online cogs turning in between online campaigns and key marketing periods. Ongoing quality communication is key in keeping any relationship healthy and brands need to be placing focus on sparking up these conversations online with great gusto.

But what makes great content?

Part of engaging with your customers is giving them something to talk about – identifying their areas of interest, topical vertices and subject peripherals. Next, construct relevant talking points and create quality content around it. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that your customer takes notice of your brand and eventually shares his interactions with others. There’s a lot of content out there already – so how does one ensure that your voice gets heard?

*FGX Studios – Since its inception in 2001, FGX has grown exponentially, establishing itself as the full-service digital agency it is today. As a proactive and energised online agency, FGX has also become a haven for industry talent and we employ some of the finest and most enthusiastic designers, developers, strategists, writers, SEO and Adwords practitioners and project planners.





There’s a lot of content out there already – so how does one ensure that your voice gets heard?

  • Make it valuable – Creating content that is of real value to your audience is one of the surest ways to have them come back for more. Bringing timeous and contextually relevant content to the conversation, and ultimately providing value, requires constant evaluation to see whether you’re hitting the mark, or just making noise.
  • Make it reputable – The integrity of your brand, product and/or service offering will inherently be linked to the integrity and reputation of your messaging. Good content will always have the substance behind the sell. Effective social media marketing is all about word-of-mouth, and nothing drives referrals better than placing true meaning behind the mouthpiece.
  • Make it reliable – Delivering with consistency is one of the most important rules of thumb for anyone planning to build and maintain an ongoing engagement with an audience. Nobody likes an unattended newsstand. Be dependable in your publishing cycle by managing your editorial schedule and planning ahead. You’ll soon find your loyal customers coming back for more.
  • Make it available – Every community has their own habits, unique identifiers that form part of their collective identity. Central to this are their ways of sharing and communicating. The best content can come to nothing if it’s not available to the audience; where they already are. Effective content planning should include identifying where your audience is consuming content, and catering to their media modes and platforms of choice.