One of FGX’s steady hands on the wheel is Elize, helping steer the good ship towards its goals: maximising clients’ impact in the social media and digital space. Multi-disciplined, she is able to do whatever is needed to get the job done. Feisty, and fun, she’s a dry humour kind of funny.

The Interview.

What’s your call-sign?

What do you mean, my call-sign? Like if someone must call me, I have to step up on the double. I don’t do that.

‘Call-sign’ is like a nickname.

Then why didn’t you call ‘call-sign’ nickname, neh?

Because I like how call-sign rolls off the tongue.

Look, it doesn’t matter how it rolls off the tongue, what matters is if people actually understand you.

Understood. What’s your nickname?

It’s Liesie, you know, from Elizie.

But I was hoping for something more exotic like…

Like Queen Bee?

Or Queen Hornet, depending on the day.

That’s offensive.

I like hornets.

They help kill spiders, you know.

That’s why I like them, I hate spiders.

But spiders kill mosquitoes, and you never know when we’ll have a malaria problem.

I hate mosquitoes most of all.

There are a few things I hate more, but sure…

Anyway, if you could turn into any animal you want, like… transform, but then transform back so it isn’t, like, permanent… but an awesome party trick… what animal would you transform into, and why?

I’d transform into an elephant. Elephants are majestic, but also they can stomp anyone to death whenever they want. I can imagine that it might be useful at times.

I’m told it’s a helpful ability.

It works when you need to get things done. Things need to get done.

So, next question. What’s with the attitude?

What do you mean, ‘what’s with the attitude?’ Is that a joke question?

Sigh. No. It really isn’t a joke question.

But it sounds like a joke question.

Yeah, it gets that a lot.

So what does your research tell you? Maybe it isn’t a very effective marketing gauge?

I just want to surprise people.

Then get that mask from ‘Scream’, find a carving knife, and jump around corners yelling, ‘Do you like scary movies!?’. But please, don’t ask ineffective marketing research questions.

I’ll try do better.

Chin up, neh. It’s all we can do.

What’s your favourite meal?

Definitely dinner.

Mine too. Anyway, if you were convicted of a crime, what is it most likely to be?

Probably assaulting someone. Let’s just leave that there…

Alrighty… who is your favourite cartoon or comic book character, and why?

Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I love her character and her interests.

She’s a strong female.

Damn straight. It’s how it should be.

Well, I’ve noticed FGX has lots of women in empowered positions.

We’re about equality here. It’s what I love about this place. We’re about individuals, and their strengths, not about categorisations.

Even geeks who play Dungeons & Dragons are respected here. I’m so chuffed.


What movie is your absolute favourite and why?

Anchorman, without a doubt. It is hilarious, and fits my sense of humour. Which is dry.

But you can drink it?

It’s never too early.

If you formed a band, what would you call it?

First Of All. It’s also how I like to start most of my sentences.

If you could meet anyone famous from history, who would it be, and why?

Cleopatra. She was one of the most powerful women of her time. I love Egyptian history, everything about it. The culture, the way things worked back then, even…

The hairdos? You have a bit of a Cleo hairdo. Sorry, I just noticed.

I know, it’s beautiful.

Very regal.

I just need to watch out for asps.

What do you love most about FGX?

This company gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. And big, crazy dreams and ideas are supported and encouraged here.

Who in the world really inspires you?

My dad. It’s a cliché. But my work ethic, my compassion for people, my drive to accomplish big things in life, it’s from him. He has always believed in me, encouraged me to do what I want to do in life… taught me that no dream is too big and that hard work pays off.

What would you describe as your greatest strength?

My drive in life. If I want something, I work my ass off to accomplish it.

Passion is power. Passion gets you powered to the nth.


Which country do you most want to visit, and why?

I have two…

You’re only allowed one.

I insist on two.



Okay. Only this once.


Okay. Only this twice.

So, I want to go back to Paris… I want to spend more time in the Louvre. The culture you absorb is astounding! Because being in the presence of the works of the Great Masters is rejuvenating for the spirit.

And the second?

And the second is Rome. I love Rome. It’s such an ancient city, rich in history. And I love the Colosseum. It’s definitely on my ‘to visit next’ list.

That’s pretty poetic.

 I know, right?

I know all about poetry, here’s one about ninjas, my mother applauded it, she rates it five “ninja stars”, so it goes…

Sorry, I have things I need to do. Another time, maybe. And I’m very glad your mother loves you. It’s important.

Quick! Just a few more questions. If you had one superpower what would it be?

To read minds. I think people hide their true selves, maybe because they think they’ll be rejected for who they really are. If I could see them, as they are, maybe I can help them come out. Also, I’m all about the truth, and like Dr. House said, everybody lies, so it will be super helpful.

So you would describe your strength as..?

I work hard, and can be hard, but I’m also really compassionate. I think it’s a good combination, to have drive and be hard when you need to be; but also to be there for other people and understand where they’re coming from.

Lastly, what do you immediately think of when you see this inkblot?

I see two bunnies with their bums together.